How to Play Blackbeard

How to Play Blackbeard: A Comprehensive Guide

Blackbeard, the notorious pirate, is a versatile and powerful operator in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. With his unique gadget, the Rifle Shield, and deadly weaponry, Blackbeard can hold down angles and provide cover for his teammates. However, mastering this operator requires a deep understanding of his playstyle and gadgets. In this article, we will guide you through the basics of playing Blackbeard effectively and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Understanding Blackbeard’s Gadgets:
Blackbeard’s primary gadget is the Rifle Shield, which can be attached to his primary weapon. It provides him with additional protection from headshots, allowing him to engage enemies while minimizing the risk of taking fatal damage. Remember that the shield has limited durability, so use it wisely.

2. Weapon Selection:
Blackbeard has access to two primary weapons: the SCAR-H assault rifle and the SR-25 marksman rifle. Both weapons are potent, but the SCAR-H is often the preferred choice due to its higher rate of fire. Pair your primary weapon with a suitable secondary, such as the D-50 handgun, to ensure versatility in different situations.

3. Holding Angles:
Blackbeard excels at holding angles and denying enemy entry into specific areas. Position yourself near a window or door, deploy your Rifle Shield, and aim down sights to cover that angle. Remember to communicate with your team, informing them of your position and the angles you are covering.

4. Peek Advantage:
When peeking from cover, Blackbeard has a significant advantage due to his Rifle Shield. Use this to your advantage when engaging enemies in one-on-one gunfights. Remember to lean and expose only your shielded head, making it difficult for opponents to land a headshot.

5. Map Awareness:
Understanding the map layout and objective locations is crucial for any operator in Rainbow Six Siege. As Blackbeard, you need to identify key angles and positions that will provide you with an advantage. Use your drone effectively during the preparation phase to gather information and plan your approach.

6. Team Coordination:
Blackbeard’s playstyle heavily relies on coordination with your team. Communicate your strategy, inform your teammates of the angles you are holding, and work together to secure objectives. Coordinate with operators who can complement your playstyle, such as operators with explosive gadgets or information-gathering abilities.

7. Countering Blackbeard:
To counter Blackbeard, opponents should aim for his exposed body or legs, as the Rifle Shield only protects his head. Utilize explosives or flanking routes to bypass his shield and catch him off guard. Additionally, operators with high-fire rate weapons or shotguns can quickly break the shield and eliminate him.

8. Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. Can Blackbeard’s Rifle Shield block headshots indefinitely?
No, the Rifle Shield has limited durability and can only withstand a certain amount of damage before breaking.

Q2. Can the Rifle Shield protect against melee attacks?
No, the Rifle Shield only offers protection against bullets and explosives, not melee attacks.

Q3. Can Blackbeard’s Rifle Shield protect against explosives?
Yes, the Rifle Shield provides protection against explosives, allowing you to survive grenades or other explosive devices.

Q4. Can Blackbeard aim down sights without deploying the Rifle Shield?
Yes, Blackbeard can aim down sights without deploying the Rifle Shield, but he will lose the additional protection it provides.

Q5. Can the Rifle Shield be destroyed by defenders?
Yes, defenders can destroy the Rifle Shield by shooting at it. However, it has high durability and can withstand multiple shots.

Q6. Can Blackbeard use his Rifle Shield with any weapon?
No, the Rifle Shield can only be attached to Blackbeard’s primary weapons: the SCAR-H and the SR-25.

Q7. Does Blackbeard have any secondary gadgets?
Yes, Blackbeard can choose between breaching charges and claymores as his secondary gadgets.

Q8. Should I always use the Rifle Shield as Blackbeard?
Using the Rifle Shield is situational. Evaluate the map, objective, and your role within the team before deciding whether to deploy it or not.

Q9. Can Blackbeard’s Rifle Shield be used while rappelling?
Yes, Blackbeard can use his Rifle Shield while rappelling, providing additional protection during vertical engagements.

In conclusion, mastering Blackbeard in Rainbow Six Siege requires a mix of map knowledge, communication, and effective use of his Rifle Shield. By understanding his gadgets, weapon selection, and playstyle, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield. Stay vigilant, communicate with your team, and hold those angles to dominate as the notorious pirate, Blackbeard.

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