How to Play C’Thun Battlegrounds

How to Play C’Thun Battlegrounds

C’Thun Battlegrounds is a mode in Hearthstone that allows players to pit their minions against each other in a strategic battle for dominance. This mode introduces C’Thun, a powerful Old God, as a playable hero. In this article, we will guide you through the basics of playing C’Thun Battlegrounds and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Basics of C’Thun Battlegrounds:
1. Hero Power: C’Thun’s hero power is “Eye of C’Thun,” which allows you to give a friendly minion +1/+1 permanently. This power can be used on any minion, including ones in the Tavern or already on the board.

2. Minion Pool: C’Thun Battlegrounds features a unique minion pool, consisting of various tribes such as Murlocs, Mechs, Demons, and Dragons. Each tribe has its own synergies and strategies.

3. Tavern Tiers: Similar to the regular Battlegrounds mode, you can upgrade your Tavern Tier by paying gold. Higher Tavern Tiers offer more powerful minions, increasing your chances of winning battles.

4. Bob’s Tavern: Bob’s Tavern is where you recruit and purchase minions. You can refresh the offered minions by spending gold, allowing you to find more suitable options for your strategy.

5. Combat Phase: After recruiting minions and arranging them on your side of the board, the combat phase begins. Your minions will automatically attack the opposing side, determined by their attack and attack order.

6. Health and Damage: Each player starts with 40 health. When your board loses a battle, you take damage equal to the combined attack power of the enemy minions. If your health reaches zero, you are eliminated from the game.


1. Can I use C’Thun’s hero power on the same minion multiple times?
No, C’Thun’s hero power can only be used once on each minion. However, you can use it on multiple minions each turn.

2. Should I always use C’Thun’s hero power on my strongest minion?
Not necessarily. It is crucial to consider the overall strategy and positioning of your minions. Sometimes it is more beneficial to strengthen a weaker minion to create synergies or improve positioning.

3. Which tribe should I focus on when playing C’Thun Battlegrounds?
There is no definitive answer as it depends on your playstyle and the available minions. However, C’Thun has better synergies with minions that have high health or divine shield, making minions from the Mech and Demon tribes a good choice.

4. When should I upgrade my Tavern Tier?
It is generally recommended to upgrade your Tavern Tier as soon as possible. Higher-tier minions tend to have better stats and abilities, giving you an advantage in battles.

5. Is it better to buy minions or refresh the Tavern?
Both options have their merits. Buying minions allows you to immediately strengthen your board, while refreshing the Tavern gives you the chance to discover more powerful or synergistic minions.

6. How important is positioning in C’Thun Battlegrounds?
Positioning plays a significant role in C’Thun Battlegrounds. Placing minions with taunt or divine shield at the front can protect your more fragile minions. Additionally, positioning certain minions next to each other can trigger powerful synergies.

7. Can I sell a minion after using C’Thun’s hero power on it?
Yes, you can sell a minion after using C’Thun’s hero power on it. However, keep in mind that the buffs granted by the hero power will be lost.

8. Should I focus on leveling up my hero or buying minions?
It is generally better to prioritize buying minions early on. Leveling up your hero can be beneficial in the later stages of the game when higher-tier minions become available.

9. How do I counter opponents who have strong minions?
There are several strategies to counter strong minions. For example, using minions with poison can eliminate high-health threats. Alternatively, positioning minions with cleave can deal damage to multiple enemy minions at once.

10. Is it necessary to have a balanced board with different tribes?
Having a balanced board with different tribes can be advantageous as it allows you to take advantage of multiple synergies. However, focusing on a specific tribe can also be a viable strategy if you manage to find powerful minions of that tribe.

11. Should I always buy a minion each turn?
Not necessarily. Sometimes it is better to save gold for a future Tavern upgrade or to refresh the Tavern to discover better options. Evaluate your current board and the available minions before deciding whether to buy or save.

12. Can I use C’Thun’s hero power on a minion with divine shield?
Yes, C’Thun’s hero power can be used on a minion with divine shield. The divine shield will be preserved, and the minion will gain +1/+1.

13. How can I improve my decision-making skills in C’Thun Battlegrounds?
Improving decision-making skills comes with practice and experience. Analyze the available options, consider your overall strategy, and adapt to the changing board state. Watching experienced players or studying guides can also enhance your decision-making abilities.

In conclusion, playing C’Thun Battlegrounds requires a mix of strategic thinking, adaptability, and understanding of the minion pool. By utilizing C’Thun’s hero power effectively, mastering positioning, and making wise decisions, you can dominate the battlegrounds and claim victory.

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