How to Play Ghosts in the Graveyard

How to Play Ghosts in the Graveyard: A Spooky and Exciting Game for All Ages

Ghosts in the Graveyard is a classic outdoor game that guarantees thrills and chills for players of all ages. It is a perfect choice for parties, sleepovers, or simply to enjoy some spooky fun with friends and family. In this article, we will guide you through the rules and instructions of how to play Ghosts in the Graveyard, as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Rules and Instructions:

1. Set the stage:
– Choose a spacious outdoor area with plenty of hiding spots, such as a backyard, park, or playground.
– Designate a “home base” or a safe zone where players can gather and be safe from the ghosts.

2. Select the ghost:
– One player is chosen as the ghost, while the others become “living” players.
– The ghost’s mission is to find and tag the living players before they reach home base.

3. Start the game:
– Wait until it is dark outside or create a dimly lit atmosphere with flashlights or glow sticks to enhance the spooky ambiance.
– All living players must stand at home base while the ghost counts to a predetermined number, giving the living players time to hide.

4. Find hiding spots:
– Living players must find hiding spots throughout the playing area, making sure to stay hidden from the ghost’s line of sight.
– Encourage players to be creative and use the environment to their advantage.

5. Seek and tag:
– Once the ghost has finished counting, they begin searching for the living players.
– The ghost must call out “Ghost in the graveyard, can you find me?” periodically to announce their presence.

6. Capture the living players:
– If the ghost spots a living player, they must immediately try to tag them.
– The living player must then freeze in place and become a ghost themselves.

7. Redemption for the living players:
– If a living player makes it back to home base without being tagged, they are safe and remain a living player.
– Alternatively, any ghosts who have not yet tagged a living player can also be redeemed by touching home base.

8. Continue until all players are ghosts:
– The game continues until all living players are tagged and become ghosts.
– The last remaining living player becomes the ghost for the next round.

9. Play fair and have fun:
– Remember, Ghosts in the Graveyard is all about having fun, so play fair, respect the boundaries of the play area, and be mindful of others’ safety.


1. Can Ghosts in the Graveyard be played indoors?
– While it is traditionally an outdoor game, you can adapt it for indoor play by designating specific rooms or areas as hiding spots.

2. How many players are required to play Ghosts in the Graveyard?
– The game can be played with as few as three players, but it becomes more thrilling with larger groups.

3. Can adults play Ghosts in the Graveyard?
– Absolutely! Ghosts in the Graveyard is suitable for players of all ages and is a great way to bring out your inner child.

4. What happens if the ghost tags a player who has already reached home base?
– Once a player reaches home base, they are safe from being tagged by the ghost.

5. How long should the ghost count before starting the game?
– The counting time can vary depending on the size of the playing area, but typically 30 to 60 seconds is sufficient.

6. Can multiple ghosts be chosen?
– Yes, if you have a large group, you can designate multiple ghosts to increase the excitement.

7. Can players move from their hiding spot once the game has started?
– No, once the game has begun, players must remain in their chosen hiding spot until they are either tagged or reach home base.

8. Can players communicate with each other during the game?
– Players are generally not allowed to communicate with each other, as it adds to the suspense and challenge of the game.

9. Can you play Ghosts in the Graveyard during the day?
– While playing in the dark adds to the spooky atmosphere, the game can still be enjoyed during the day, albeit with a slightly different ambiance.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to play Ghosts in the Graveyard, gather your friends and family, don your ghostly attire, and get ready for an evening filled with spine-tingling fun. Remember to adapt the game to suit your playing area and group size, and above all, have a ghostly good time!

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