How to Play Music on Multiple Bluetooth Speakers IPHONE

How to Play Music on Multiple Bluetooth Speakers on iPhone

Playing music on multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously can enhance your listening experience and create a more immersive sound environment. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to your iPhone and enjoy synchronized audio playback. In this article, we will guide you through the process of playing music on multiple Bluetooth speakers on your iPhone and answer some frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Ensure Bluetooth Compatibility
Before proceeding, verify that your iPhone and Bluetooth speakers are compatible with each other. Ensure that your iPhone is running on a newer iOS version that supports multi-device audio playback. Additionally, check if your Bluetooth speakers have the capability to connect with other speakers for multi-room audio.

Step 2: Pairing the Bluetooth Speakers
To play music on multiple Bluetooth speakers, you need to pair them with your iPhone. Follow these steps:

1. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth speakers and put them in pairing mode. This process may vary depending on the brand and model, so refer to the user manual for specific instructions.
3. On your iPhone, you should see the Bluetooth speakers listed under “Devices.” Tap on each speaker to pair them individually.

Step 3: Enable Multi-Device Audio Playback
Once the Bluetooth speakers are paired, you need to enable multi-device audio playback on your iPhone. Follow these steps:

1. Open the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top-right corner (iPhone X or later) or swiping up from the bottom (iPhone 8 or earlier).
2. Long-press or 3D Touch the music playback widget.
3. Tap on the “AirPlay” icon located at the top-right corner of the widget.
4. A list of available devices will appear. Swipe left to access the second page, where you will find the list of paired Bluetooth speakers.
5. Tap on each Bluetooth speaker to select them. A blue checkmark will indicate that the speakers are chosen for multi-device audio playback.
6. Adjust the volume levels of individual speakers as desired.

Step 4: Play Music on Multiple Bluetooth Speakers
Now that you have paired the Bluetooth speakers and enabled multi-device audio playback, you can start playing music. Open any music streaming app or play music from your local library on your iPhone. The audio will be streamed to all the selected Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, creating a synchronized playback experience.


Q1: Can I connect Bluetooth speakers from different brands?
A1: Yes, you can connect Bluetooth speakers from different brands as long as they support multi-device audio playback and are compatible with your iPhone.

Q2: How many Bluetooth speakers can I connect to my iPhone?
A2: The number of Bluetooth speakers you can connect depends on the capabilities of your iPhone and the specific app you are using. Generally, you can connect up to 10 devices, including Bluetooth speakers, to your iPhone.

Q3: Can I control the volume of individual speakers?
A3: Yes, you can adjust the volume levels of each Bluetooth speaker individually. Use the volume controls on your iPhone or the dedicated volume controls on the Bluetooth speakers.

Q4: Can I use the speakers in different locations?
A4: Yes, you can place the Bluetooth speakers in different locations, as long as they are within the Bluetooth range of your iPhone. However, keep in mind that the audio quality and synchronization may vary depending on the distance and obstacles between the speakers and your iPhone.

Q5: Will the Bluetooth speakers automatically reconnect when I use them again?
A5: In most cases, the Bluetooth speakers will automatically reconnect to your iPhone when they are within range and turned on. However, this may vary depending on the specific speakers and their settings.

Q6: Can I use this feature with video playback?
A6: While it is primarily designed for audio playback, you can use this feature with video playback as well. However, there may be a slight delay in audio synchronization, which can affect the viewing experience.

Q7: Can I add or remove speakers while playing music?
A7: Yes, you can add or remove Bluetooth speakers while playing music. Simply follow the steps mentioned earlier to pair or unpair the speakers, and the audio playback will adjust accordingly.

Q8: Can I use this feature with other devices, such as iPads or Macs?
A8: Multi-device audio playback is primarily designed for iPhone, but it may work with other Apple devices such as iPads or Macs, depending on their compatibility and software versions.

Q9: Can I use this feature with non-Bluetooth speakers?
A9: No, this feature is specifically designed for Bluetooth speakers. If you have non-Bluetooth speakers, you may need to use additional hardware or alternative methods to achieve multi-speaker audio playback.

Playing music on multiple Bluetooth speakers can elevate your audio experience and fill your space with immersive sound. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily connect and synchronize multiple Bluetooth speakers with your iPhone. Experiment with different placements and volume levels to create the perfect ambiance for your listening pleasure.

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