How to Private All TikTok Videos at Once 2024

Title: How to Private All TikTok Videos at Once 2024: A Comprehensive Guide


TikTok has gained immense popularity as a platform for sharing creative and entertaining videos. However, there may be instances where you wish to keep your content private, limiting its visibility to a select audience. In this article, we will guide you on how to private all your TikTok videos at once in 2024, ensuring your privacy and control over your content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Private All TikTok Videos:

1. Open the TikTok app on your smartphone.
2. Tap on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.
3. Once on your profile page, tap on the three dots at the top right corner to access settings.
4. From the settings menu, select “Privacy and Safety.”
5. Under the “Safety” section, tap on “Who can view your videos.”
6. Choose “Private Account” to restrict access to your videos.
7. Now, all your future TikTok videos will be visible only to your approved followers.
8. To make your existing videos private, tap on “Privacy and Safety” again.
9. Under the “Privacy” section, select “Past Videos” to make changes to your existing videos’ visibility.
10. Tap on “Visible to” and choose “Only Me” to restrict access to your previous videos.
11. Confirm your selection, and all your existing videos will now be private.

Common Questions about Private TikTok Videos:

1. Will private videos still appear in search results?
No, private videos will not appear in search results or be visible to anyone except your approved followers.

2. Can my followers still share my private videos?
No, your followers cannot share your private videos with others. These videos remain exclusively visible to you and your followers.

3. Can I choose specific followers to share my private videos with?
No, the private account setting on TikTok restricts access to your videos to all approved followers.

4. Can I make some videos private and others public?
Yes, you have the flexibility to choose which videos you want to make private or public individually.

5. Will my private videos still receive likes and comments?
Yes, your approved followers can still like and comment on your private videos, maintaining engagement within your restricted audience.

6. Can I change my videos’ privacy settings from private to public?
Yes, you can change your videos’ privacy settings at any time. By switching to a public account, your videos will be visible to everyone on TikTok.

7. Can private videos be downloaded by others?
No, private videos cannot be downloaded or accessed by anyone other than yourself and your approved followers.

8. Will my private videos be visible on my profile page?
Private videos will be visible on your profile page, but only to your approved followers.

9. Can I make my TikTok account private without making my videos private?
Yes, you can choose to make your account private, restricting access to your profile and followers, while keeping your videos public.

10. Can I remove a follower from seeing my private videos?
Yes, you can remove a follower at any time, preventing them from accessing your private videos.

11. Can I change the privacy settings of my TikTok videos from a computer?
No, currently, you can only change the privacy settings of your TikTok videos using the mobile app.

12. Will private videos still appear in the “For You” page?
No, private videos will not appear on the “For You” page or be recommended to users who do not follow you.

13. Can a private video become public without my consent?
No, your videos will remain private until you choose to make them public.

14. Can I still collaborate with other TikTok users if my account is private?
Yes, you can collaborate with other TikTok users by approving their follow requests, even with a private account.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily make all your TikTok videos private at once in 2024. Maintaining control over your content’s visibility ensures your privacy and allows you to share your videos exclusively with approved followers. Remember to review and update your privacy settings periodically to align with your preferences and personal boundaries on the platform.

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