How to Rank up Players in Fifa Mobile

How to Rank up Players in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is a popular mobile game that allows players to build and manage their own team. One important aspect of the game is ranking up players, which involves improving their stats and overall performance. In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies on how to rank up players in FIFA Mobile effectively.

1. Play Skill Games: Skill games in FIFA Mobile are a great way to earn XP and level up your players. These games focus on different aspects of the game such as shooting, passing, and dribbling. By completing skill games regularly, you can enhance your players’ skills and increase their XP.

2. Complete Daily Activities: FIFA Mobile offers daily activities that provide rewards including XP. Make it a habit to complete these activities every day to earn extra XP for your players. These activities may include playing matches, participating in events, or completing objectives.

3. Participate in Events: Events in FIFA Mobile often offer special rewards and bonuses that can help you rank up your players faster. Look out for events that provide XP boosts or player training tokens, which can be used to upgrade your players’ ranks.

4. Train Your Players: Training is an essential aspect of ranking up players in FIFA Mobile. You can use training tokens obtained from events or packs to enhance your players’ attributes. Focus on training the players that you use the most to maximize their performance on the field.

5. Use Skill Boosts: Skill boosts are consumable items that can be applied to players to improve their stats temporarily. These boosts can be earned through events or purchased in the store. Utilize skill boosts strategically to enhance your players’ performance during matches.

6. Complete Campaigns: FIFA Mobile features various campaigns that provide rewards including XP and player cards. Completing campaigns not only earns you valuable resources but also helps you unlock new players to add to your team. Keep progressing through campaigns to rank up your players and unlock new opportunities.

7. Join a League: Joining a league in FIFA Mobile allows you to compete against other players and earn rewards collectively. Leagues often have their own tournaments and events that offer XP bonuses. By actively participating in league activities, you can earn additional XP for your players.

8. Utilize the Transfer Market: The transfer market is a place where you can buy and sell players. Look for players with high potential and low cost, then train and rank them up to increase their value. Selling highly ranked players can also earn you substantial coins, which can be used to invest in other players or resources.

9. Complete Plans: FIFA Mobile offers a variety of plans that require specific player cards or items to complete. These plans often reward you with XP or player cards that can be used to rank up your players. Keep an eye on the plans section and complete them whenever possible to earn rewards and improve your team.

10. Participate in Live Events: Live events are time-limited events that offer special rewards and XP bonuses. These events can be found under the live events tab and usually refresh daily. Participate in these events to earn extra XP for your players and gain valuable resources.

11. Make Smart Squad Selections: When playing matches, choose the players with the highest XP and attributes for your starting lineup. This will ensure that they receive more playing time and have more opportunities to earn XP. Make sure to also rotate your bench players to give them a chance to earn XP and rank up.

12. Focus on Player Chemistry: Player chemistry plays a crucial role in FIFA Mobile. Ensure that your players have good chemistry by aligning them with players from the same league, club, or nationality. Good chemistry boosts your players’ performances and helps them earn more XP during matches.

13. Stay Active and Patient: Ranking up players in FIFA Mobile takes time and dedication. Stay active in the game, complete daily activities, and participate in events regularly. Be patient and consistent, and you will see your players steadily improve and rank up over time.


1. How long does it take to rank up a player in FIFA Mobile?
The time it takes to rank up a player depends on various factors such as the player’s current rank, the resources available, and the effort put into training and participating in events. On average, it may take a few weeks to rank up a player significantly.

2. Are there any shortcuts to rank up players quickly?
While there are no shortcuts to instantly rank up players, following the tips and strategies mentioned in this article can help you speed up the process. Consistently participating in events, training your players, and completing daily activities will contribute to faster player ranking.

3. Can I rank up multiple players at the same time?
Yes, you can rank up multiple players simultaneously. However, it is recommended to focus on a few key players initially to maximize their performance. Once they are at a satisfactory rank, you can then shift your focus to other players.

4. Can I rank up players without spending real money?
Yes, ranking up players in FIFA Mobile can be done without spending real money. By actively participating in events, completing daily activities, and utilizing the resources available in the game, you can effectively rank up players and improve your team.

5. Are there any specific players that are easier to rank up?
Certain players may have lower requirements for ranking up, making them relatively easier to upgrade. However, it ultimately depends on the resources available and your team’s composition. Focus on players that you use frequently and have the potential to improve your team’s performance.

6. Should I sell highly ranked players for coins?
Selling highly ranked players can earn you substantial coins, which can be used to invest in other players or resources. However, it is essential to evaluate the overall impact of selling a highly ranked player on your team’s performance. Consider the player’s position, chemistry, and overall team composition before deciding to sell.

7. How often should I train my players?
Training your players regularly is crucial for their development. Aim to train them whenever you have sufficient training tokens or resources available. However, it is advisable to focus on training the players you use the most to maximize their performance on the field.

8. Should I prioritize player chemistry or individual attributes?
Both player chemistry and individual attributes are important factors in FIFA Mobile. However, individual attributes play a more significant role in a player’s performance. Ensure that your players have good chemistry, but prioritize improving their individual attributes through training and ranking up.

9. Can I rank up players from different leagues or clubs?
Yes, you can rank up players from different leagues or clubs. However, it is advisable to prioritize players from the same league or club to maximize player chemistry and overall team performance. Ranking up players from the same league or club will enhance their chemistry and boost their performance on the field.

10. Can I use skill boosts on all players?
Skill boosts can be used on any player, regardless of their rank or attributes. However, it is recommended to use skill boosts strategically and prioritize players that you use frequently or have high potential. Applying skill boosts to players that are already highly ranked can significantly enhance their performance during matches.

11. How do I know if a player has reached the maximum rank?
Each player card in FIFA Mobile has a maximum rank that can be achieved. You can check a player’s maximum rank by viewing their card details. Once a player reaches the maximum rank, further ranking up is not possible.

12. Can I rank up goalkeepers?
Yes, goalkeepers can be ranked up in FIFA Mobile just like outfield players. Enhancing a goalkeeper’s attributes through training and ranking up can significantly improve their performance in matches.

13. How does player ranking affect gameplay?
Player ranking directly affects a player’s attributes and performance during matches. Higher-ranked players have better attributes, including speed, shooting, passing, and defending, which ultimately improves their overall performance on the field.

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