How to Set Keepers Yahoo Fantasy Football

How to Set Keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football

Setting keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football can add a new level of strategy and excitement to your league. Keepers allow fantasy football managers to retain a certain number of players from their previous season’s roster, creating a sense of continuity and long-term team building. If you’re new to setting keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football, this article will guide you through the process and answer some common questions related to keepers.

1. What are keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football?
Keepers are players that you choose to retain on your roster from the previous season. These players cannot be drafted by other teams and are automatically added to your roster for the upcoming season.

2. How many keepers can I set in Yahoo Fantasy Football?
The number of keepers you can set varies depending on your league’s settings. Typically, leagues allow managers to keep anywhere between one to five players.

3. How do I set keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football?
To set keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football, follow these steps:
a. Log in to your Yahoo Fantasy Football account.
b. Go to the “My Team” page.
c. Click on “Keepers” or “Manage Keepers” to access the keeper settings.
d. Select the players you want to keep from your previous season’s roster.
e. Save your selections.

4. Can I change my keeper selections after setting them?
Yes, until the deadline set by your league commissioner, you can change your keeper selections as many times as you want. Once the deadline passes, keeper selections become final.

5. What happens to the draft picks associated with my kept players?
Typically, when you set keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football, you forfeit the draft picks associated with those players. For example, if you choose to keep a player drafted in the third round, you will not have a third-round pick in the upcoming draft.

6. How are keeper selections ordered in the draft?
The draft order for keeper selections is usually determined by the reverse order of the previous season’s standings. The team that finished last gets the first pick, followed by the second-to-last team, and so on.

7. Can I keep a player I acquired through a trade or waiver wire?
Yes, you can keep any player from your previous season’s roster, regardless of how you acquired them. This includes players acquired through trades, waivers, or free agency.

8. Are there any limitations on how long I can keep a player?
Yahoo Fantasy Football does not impose any limitations on how long you can keep a player. However, some leagues may have specific rules regarding the maximum number of seasons a player can be kept.

9. What happens if I don’t set any keepers?
If you choose not to set any keepers, you will enter the upcoming season’s draft with a blank roster. You will have the opportunity to draft entirely new players.

10. Can I keep a player I drafted as a keeper in multiple seasons?
Yes, you can keep a player you drafted as a keeper in multiple seasons, as long as your league allows it. However, the draft pick you forfeit for keeping that player will increase each season.

11. Can I trade my keeper players?
Yes, you can trade your keeper players just like any other players on your roster. However, keep in mind that if you trade a keeper player, the draft pick associated with that player goes with them to their new team.

12. Can I keep injured players?
Yes, you can keep injured players as keepers. However, it’s essential to consider the severity of the injury and the impact it may have on their performance in the upcoming season.

13. What happens if a player I keep gets injured before the season starts?
If a player you kept gets injured before the season starts, they remain on your roster, and you can decide whether to keep them or drop them based on their expected return and performance outlook.

14. Can I keep a player I dropped during the previous season?
No, you cannot keep a player you dropped during the previous season. Keepers must be players on your roster at the end of the season.

Setting keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Football can be an exciting aspect of the game, allowing managers to strategize for the long-term success of their team. By understanding the process and considering the common questions addressed in this article, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the keeper settings in your league and make informed decisions for your fantasy football team.

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