How to Stop Seeing Other Peoples Likes on Twitter 2018

How to Stop Seeing Other People’s Likes on Twitter 2018

Twitter is a popular social media platform that allows users to interact, share, and engage with content from around the world. However, some users may find it overwhelming or distracting to see the likes of other people on their timeline. If you are one of those users, you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to stop seeing other people’s likes on Twitter. In this article, we will guide you through the process, along with providing you with five unique facts about Twitter.

1. Mute Users: One way to stop seeing other people’s likes on Twitter is by muting specific users. By muting a user, you can hide their tweets, retweets, and likes from your timeline. To do this, simply go to the user’s profile, click on the three-dot menu, and select “Mute.”

2. Use Third-Party Apps: There are several third-party apps available that allow you to customize your Twitter experience. These apps often have advanced features, including the ability to hide likes from your timeline. Some popular options include TweetDeck, Hootsuite, and Twitonomy.

3. Turn off Retweets: Another method to stop seeing other people’s likes on Twitter is by turning off retweets for specific users. This way, their liked tweets won’t appear on your timeline. To do this, go to the user’s profile, click on the three-dot menu, and select “Turn off Retweets.”

4. Create Lists: Lists on Twitter allow you to curate a group of accounts and view their tweets separately from your main timeline. By creating a list of accounts whose likes you don’t want to see, you can easily filter out their activity. To create a list, go to your profile, click on “Lists,” and select “Create new list.”

5. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search: Twitter’s advanced search feature enables you to narrow down your results based on specific criteria. By using this feature, you can exclude tweets from certain users, effectively removing their likes from your timeline. To access advanced search, go to the Twitter search bar and click on the three-dot menu.

Now, let’s explore five unique facts about Twitter:

1. The first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006, by co-founder Jack Dorsey. The tweet read, “just setting up my twttr.”

2. Twitter is known for its character limit of 280 characters. However, in the early days, the limit was set at 140 characters, which was the maximum length for a text message at the time.

3. The most retweeted tweet of all time is the famous Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the 2014 Academy Awards. The tweet garnered over 3.4 million retweets.

4. Twitter’s iconic bird logo is known as “Larry the Bird.” It was named after the famous basketball player Larry Bird, who played for the Boston Celtics.

5. Twitter has become a valuable platform for breaking news. In fact, many news organizations and journalists use Twitter as a primary source for real-time updates and information.

Now, let’s address some common questions about stopping seeing other people’s likes on Twitter:

1. Can I hide likes from specific users without muting or blocking them?
Yes, you can achieve this by turning off retweets for specific users. Their liked tweets will no longer appear on your timeline.

2. Will muting a user remove their likes from my timeline?
Yes, muting a user will hide their likes, along with their tweets and retweets, from your timeline.

3. Can I hide likes from all users on Twitter?
No, Twitter does not currently provide an option to hide likes from all users universally.

4. Do third-party apps violate Twitter’s terms of service?
Using third-party apps is generally acceptable as long as they comply with Twitter’s terms of service and guidelines.

5. Can I still view someone’s likes if I’ve muted them?
Yes, muting only hides their activity from your timeline. You can still visit their profile and view their likes separately.

6. Will creating lists affect my main timeline?
No, creating lists allows you to view tweets separately without affecting your main timeline.

7. Can I hide likes on the Twitter mobile app?
Yes, the methods mentioned above can be applied to both the Twitter mobile app and the desktop version.

8. Can I hide likes from users I follow or am friends with?
Yes, you can hide likes from any user, regardless of your relationship with them on Twitter.

9. What happens if a muted user interacts with my tweets?
You will not receive any notifications or see their interactions unless you visit their profile directly.

10. Can I hide likes on Twitter’s explore page?
No, you cannot customize the content displayed on the explore page. However, you can avoid visiting that section to limit exposure to liked tweets.

11. Will hiding likes affect other users’ experience on Twitter?
No, hiding likes only affects your personal experience on Twitter and does not impact other users.

12. Can I hide retweets as well as likes?
Yes, you can turn off retweets for specific users, which will hide both their retweets and likes from your timeline.

13. Will blocking a user also hide their likes?
Blocking a user will hide their entire profile, including their likes, from your Twitter experience.

14. Can I temporarily hide likes on Twitter?
No, the methods mentioned above are permanent changes to your Twitter settings. You can revert them at any time to start seeing likes again.

By following these methods, you can efficiently stop seeing other people’s likes on Twitter and tailor your timeline to your preferences. Remember to respect other users’ privacy and engage in meaningful conversations within the Twitter community.

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