How To Throw Kunai Ghost Of Tsushima Ps5

How To Throw Kunai in Ghost of Tsushima PS5: A Guide + 6 Interesting Facts

Ghost of Tsushima, developed by Sucker Punch Productions, has taken the gaming world by storm with its immersive open-world samurai experience. One of the key aspects of the game is mastering the art of combat, and throwing kunai can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. In this article, we will guide you on how to throw kunai in Ghost of Tsushima on the PS5, along with six interesting facts about these deadly throwing weapons.

How to Throw Kunai in Ghost of Tsushima PS5:

1. Unlock the Kunai: Before you can throw kunai in the game, you need to unlock them first. Kunai are available as a throwable weapon, and you can obtain them by progressing through the main story. Keep an eye out for missions or side quests that reward you with kunai.

2. Equip the Kunai: Once you have unlocked kunai, open your weapons menu and equip them. You can assign them to one of your gear slots and easily access them during combat.

3. Choose Your Target: Kunai can be thrown at enemies within a certain range. To throw a kunai, you need to be in combat mode and select your target using the right analog stick or by locking onto an enemy.

4. Throw the Kunai: To throw a kunai, press the R2 button on your PS5 controller. This will launch the kunai towards your target. Be mindful of your aim and timing, as kunai can be a great way to weaken enemies or finish them off.

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5. Upgrade Your Kunai: As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your kunai, improving their damage and effectiveness. Keep an eye out for resources and visit blacksmiths to enhance your weapons.

6. Utilize Kunai Techniques: Ghost of Tsushima offers various techniques that can enhance your kunai attacks. Techniques like Kunai Storm allow you to throw multiple kunai at once, dealing damage to multiple enemies at the same time. Experiment with different techniques to find the ones that suit your playstyle.

Interesting Facts about Kunai:

1. Historical Weapon: Kunai were originally farming tools used by peasants in Japan during the Edo period. Over time, they evolved into deadly weapons used by ninjas and warriors.

2. Multi-purpose Tool: Kunai were not only used for throwing but also served as a versatile tool. They could be used for digging, scaling walls, or even as a makeshift climbing aid.

3. Hand-to-Hand Combat: Kunai were not limited to throwing; they were also used as a close-quarter combat weapon. The sharp edges and sturdy build made them effective for stabbing and slashing.

4. Concealed Weapons: Due to their small size, kunai could easily be concealed, making them a popular choice for stealth operations. Ninjas often hid them in their clothing or boots.

5. Symbolic Value: Kunai were not just tools; they held symbolic value for ninjas. They were a representation of their resourcefulness, adaptability, and ability to overcome obstacles.

6. Modern-Day Influence: The influence of kunai is not limited to the past. Today, they have become popular in pop culture, with appearances in various video games, anime, and movies, including Ghost of Tsushima.

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Common Questions about Throwing Kunai in Ghost of Tsushima PS5:

1. Can I throw kunai at any time during gameplay?
– No, kunai can only be thrown when you are in combat mode.

2. Can I retrieve the kunai after throwing them?
– No, once you throw a kunai, it cannot be retrieved.

3. How many kunai can I carry at once?
– The number of kunai you can carry depends on your inventory size. Upgrading your gear can increase the carrying capacity.

4. Are kunai effective against all enemy types?
– Kunai are effective against most enemy types, but some heavily armored enemies may require additional attacks.

5. Can I upgrade kunai damage?
– Yes, you can upgrade your kunai damage by visiting blacksmiths and using resources.

6. Can I throw kunai while mounted on a horse?
– No, you cannot throw kunai while mounted on a horse.

7. Are there any special techniques for kunai throws?
– Yes, there are techniques like Kunai Storm that allow you to throw multiple kunai at once.

8. Can I throw kunai from a distance?
– Kunai have a limited range, so you need to be within a certain distance from your target to throw them.

9. Are there any stealthy ways to use kunai?
– Yes, you can use kunai stealthily by throwing them at unsuspecting enemies or using them for silent takedowns.

10. Can I throw kunai while in Ghost Stance?
– No, Ghost Stance is a separate combat mode that does not allow the use of kunai.

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11. What happens if I run out of kunai during combat?
– If you run out of kunai, you can switch to other weapons or rely on your swordplay skills.

12. Can I throw kunai at non-enemy objects or animals?
– No, kunai can only be thrown at enemies and are not meant for interacting with the environment or animals.

13. Are kunai a one-hit kill against weaker enemies?
– Kunai can be a one-hit kill against weaker enemies but may require additional throws for stronger opponents.

14. Can I throw kunai while in mid-air?
– No, you cannot throw kunai while in mid-air. You need to be on the ground to throw them.

15. Can I upgrade the range of my kunai throws?
– The range of kunai throws cannot be upgraded. It remains fixed throughout the game.

Mastering the art of throwing kunai in Ghost of Tsushima can greatly enhance your combat abilities and provide a strategic advantage. Practice your aim, experiment with different techniques, and embrace the power of these deadly weapons as you embark on your samurai journey.

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