How To Vote Kick In Rainbow Six Siege Pc

Title: How to Vote Kick in Rainbow Six Siege PC: A Comprehensive Guide

Rainbow Six Siege is a highly popular tactical shooter game that offers intense multiplayer experiences. Occasionally, players may encounter toxic or disruptive teammates who hinder the overall gameplay experience. In such situations, the vote kick feature comes in handy. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to vote kick in Rainbow Six Siege PC, along with some interesting facts about the game.

How to Vote Kick in Rainbow Six Siege PC:
1. Open the Scoreboard: Press the “Tab” key on your keyboard to open the scoreboard during a match.
2. Identify the Player: Locate the player’s name that you wish to vote kick from the list displayed on the scoreboard.
3. Initiate the Vote Kick: Hover your cursor over the player’s name and press the “F” key to initiate the vote kick.
4. Confirm the Vote Kick: A prompt will appear on the screen, asking for your confirmation to vote kick the player. Press the “F” key again to confirm and initiate the vote.
5. Vote Kick Success: If the majority of the team agrees to the vote, the player will be kicked from the game.

Interesting Facts about Rainbow Six Siege:
1. Unique Operator System: Rainbow Six Siege offers a diverse roster of unique operators, each with their own special abilities and gadgets. This dynamic operator system allows players to strategically approach every situation.
2. Constant Updates and Improvements: The developers of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft, continuously release new content, operators, maps, and gameplay changes to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.
3. Competitive eSports Scene: Rainbow Six Siege has a thriving eSports scene with various tournaments and leagues worldwide. Professional players showcase their skills and compete for substantial prize pools.
4. Anti-Toxicity Measures: Ubisoft has been proactive in combating toxicity within the game. They have implemented measures like the report system, vote kick, and chat filters to ensure a positive gaming environment.
5. Active Community: Rainbow Six Siege boasts a large and dedicated player base, with a vibrant community across various platforms. Joining forums, subreddits, and Discord servers can enhance your gameplay experience and provide valuable tips.

Common Questions about Vote Kicking in Rainbow Six Siege:

1. Can solo players initiate a vote kick?
Yes, any player in a match can initiate a vote kick if necessary.

2. How many votes are required to successfully kick a player?
Usually, a majority vote is required to kick a player successfully.

3. Can players rejoin after being kicked?
No, players who are kicked from a match cannot rejoin the same session.

4. Are vote kicks permanent?
No, vote kicks only remove a player from the current match. They can join another game afterward.

5. Can players abuse the vote kick system?
While the vote kick system can be abused, Ubisoft actively monitors and takes action against players who misuse it.

6. Can I initiate a vote kick on an enemy player?
No, the vote kick feature is only available for kicking players on your own team.

7. Is there a cooldown for voting to kick the same player multiple times?
Yes, there is a cooldown period before you can initiate another vote kick on the same player.

8. Are there any penalties for initiating unsuccessful vote kicks?
Currently, there are no penalties for initiating unsuccessful vote kicks.

9. Can players initiate vote kicks during Ranked matches?
No, vote kicks are not available in Ranked matches to prevent abuse of the system.

10. Can I vote kick players in Casual matches?
Yes, vote kicks are available in Casual matches as well.

11. Can players initiate vote kicks during Operator selection or preparation phase?
No, vote kicks can only be initiated during the active gameplay phase.

12. Can players initiate vote kicks in custom games?
Yes, players can initiate vote kicks in custom games if the host has enabled the feature.

13. Can players initiate vote kicks in Terrorist Hunt or Situations?
No, vote kicks are not available in solo or co-op PvE modes.

14. Can I report players for toxic behavior alongside initiating a vote kick?
Yes, if you encounter toxic behavior, it is advisable to report the player in addition to initiating a vote kick.

Knowing how to vote kick in Rainbow Six Siege PC is crucial for maintaining a positive gaming experience. Remember to use this feature responsibly and avoid abusing it. With the provided step-by-step guide and interesting facts about the game, you are now equipped to handle disruptive players effectively. Enjoy the game and have a great time in Rainbow Six Siege!

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