How To Wake The Walrus In Linkʼs Awakening

How to Wake the Walrus in Link’s Awakening: A Step-by-Step Guide

Link’s Awakening is a beloved classic game that has recently been remastered for the Nintendo Switch, allowing a new generation of gamers to experience the magic of Koholint Island. One of the key objectives in the game is to wake the slumbering walrus blocking your path. In this article, we will guide you through the process of waking the walrus and provide you with five interesting facts about Link’s Awakening.

Before we delve into the steps, let’s first understand the context. In order to progress through the game, you need to reach the Animal Village, which is located beyond the walrus. However, the walrus is not easily awakened. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Obtain the Ocarina
To wake the walrus, you will need to play a specific tune on the Ocarina. The Ocarina can be obtained by finding Marin, a girl singing on the beach. Follow her to the Animal Village and she will give you the Ocarina.

Step 2: Learn the “Ballad of the Wind Fish”
Once you have the Ocarina, you need to learn the “Ballad of the Wind Fish” song. Head to the Dream Shrine located in the Mabe Village and play the song on the Ocarina. A ghost will appear and teach you the tune.

Step 3: Play the Ocarina near the walrus
Now that you have the Ocarina and know the “Ballad of the Wind Fish,” head back to the walrus blocking your path. Stand in front of the walrus and play the Ocarina. The walrus will awaken and move aside, allowing you to continue your journey.

Five Interesting Facts about Link’s Awakening:

1. Link’s Awakening was originally released for the Game Boy in 1993. It was the first portable installment in the Legend of Zelda series and gained widespread acclaim for its unique storyline and gameplay.

2. The game’s director, Takashi Tezuka, drew inspiration from Twin Peaks, a popular TV show at the time. This influence can be seen in the game’s surreal and mysterious atmosphere.

3. Link’s Awakening features various cameos from other Nintendo franchises, including characters from Super Mario and Kirby. These appearances add an extra layer of charm to the game.

4. The game’s development team faced several challenges during the creation of Link’s Awakening. One of the biggest hurdles was fitting the game into the limited memory of the Game Boy cartridge. This led to some creative solutions, such as the inclusion of the “Color Dungeon” in the Game Boy Color version of the game.

5. Link’s Awakening has received critical acclaim over the years and is often regarded as one of the best games in the Legend of Zelda series. Its unique storyline and emotional ending have left a lasting impression on players worldwide.

Now, let’s address some common questions players may have about waking the walrus in Link’s Awakening:

1. Where can I find Marin?
Marin can be found singing on the beach near Mabe Village. Follow her to the Animal Village, where she will give you the Ocarina.

2. How do I reach the Dream Shrine?
The Dream Shrine is located in Mabe Village, just south of the weather vane. Enter the building and play the “Ballad of the Wind Fish” on your Ocarina.

3. What other songs can I learn on the Ocarina?
Throughout the game, you can learn various songs on the Ocarina, each with their own unique effects. These include the “Manbo’s Mambo” for fast travel and the “Frog’s Song of Soul” for reviving dead creatures.

4. Can I wake the walrus without the Ocarina?
No, you need the Ocarina to wake the walrus. It is an essential item in the game.

5. Can I wake the walrus before obtaining the “Ballad of the Wind Fish”?
No, you need to learn the song before you can wake the walrus. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to acquire the necessary knowledge.

6. Can I wake the walrus again after I’ve passed through?
No, once you wake the walrus, it will stay awake for the rest of the game.

7. Are there any other secret songs in the game?
Yes, there is a secret song called “The Ballad of the Wind Fish” that you can learn by finding hidden seashells and visiting a special location.

8. Can the walrus be awakened in the original Game Boy version?
Yes, the process of waking the walrus is the same in both the original Game Boy version and the remastered version for the Nintendo Switch.

9. What happens if I try to progress without waking the walrus?
The walrus will simply block your path, preventing you from reaching the Animal Village and progressing further in the game.

10. Can I wake the walrus before obtaining the Ocarina?
No, you need the Ocarina to play the necessary tune and awaken the walrus. It is a crucial item for this particular task.

11. Are there any other obstacles in the game similar to the walrus?
Yes, Link’s Awakening features several obstacles that must be overcome to progress in the game, including puzzles, enemies, and other characters blocking your path.

12. Can I wake the walrus with any other song?
No, the only song that will awaken the walrus is the “Ballad of the Wind Fish.” Other songs you learn on the Ocarina have different effects and purposes.

13. Can I use the Ocarina for anything else?
Yes, the Ocarina can be used to fast travel, change the time of day, and perform other actions throughout the game.

14. Can I wake the walrus in the original Game Boy version without the Ocarina?
No, the Ocarina is necessary to wake the walrus in both versions of the game.

There you have it – a step-by-step guide on how to wake the walrus in Link’s Awakening, along with five interesting facts and answers to common questions. Now, armed with this knowledge, you can continue your adventure through Koholint Island with ease. Enjoy the game and embrace the nostalgia!

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