How to Watch Anupama Online but Not on Hotstar

How to Watch Anupama Online but Not on Hotstar: A Complete Guide

Anupama, the popular Indian television drama, has garnered a massive fan following since its premiere. With its engaging storyline and stellar performances, it has become a must-watch for many viewers. While Hotstar is the official streaming platform for Anupama, not everyone has access to it. If you are among those looking for alternative ways to watch Anupama online, this article is for you. Additionally, we will share five unique facts about the show and answer some common questions at the end.

Alternative Platforms to Watch Anupama Online:

1. SonyLIV: Anupama episodes are available on SonyLIV, a popular streaming platform. You can watch the latest episodes here, either by purchasing a premium subscription or by watching with ads.

2. Voot: Voot, another renowned streaming platform, also offers Anupama episodes. The show is available for free, but you may encounter ads during the streaming.

3. YouTube: Some episodes of Anupama are uploaded on YouTube by various channels. However, the availability and quality of these episodes may vary, and they may not be uploaded promptly.

4. JioTV: If you are a Jio network user, you can stream Anupama on the JioTV app. It allows you to watch various TV channels, including Star Plus, where Anupama is aired.

5. Airtel Xstream: Airtel Xstream app provides access to live TV channels, including Star Plus, where you can watch Anupama episodes.

Unique Facts about Anupama:

1. Inspired by a Bengali television series: Anupama is an adaptation of the Bengali television series “Sreemoyee.” The show’s creator, Rajan Shahi, was inspired by its powerful storyline and decided to bring it to the Hindi-speaking audience.

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2. Stellar cast: The show boasts an incredible cast, with Rupali Ganguly portraying the lead role of Anupama. Her exceptional acting skills have garnered immense praise from viewers and critics alike.

3. Realistic portrayal of an Indian housewife: Anupama’s plot revolves around the life of a middle-class housewife who dedicates her entire life to her family. The show beautifully captures the struggles, emotions, and aspirations of Indian homemakers, resonating with a wide audience.

4. High TRP ratings: Anupama has consistently topped the charts in terms of Television Rating Points (TRP). It has garnered a loyal fan base and has become one of the most-watched shows on Indian television.

5. Strong social messages: Along with its entertainment value, Anupama also addresses various social issues. It highlights women empowerment, gender inequality, and the importance of self-worth, making it more than just a regular daily soap opera.

Common Questions about Watching Anupama Online:

1. Is Anupama available on Netflix?
No, Anupama is not available on Netflix. It is exclusively streamed on Hotstar.

2. Can I watch Anupama for free on Hotstar?
No, Hotstar offers a freemium model, which means you need a premium subscription to watch Anupama without ads. However, some selected episodes may be available for free.

3. Can I download Anupama episodes to watch offline?
Yes, if you have a premium subscription on Hotstar, you can download Anupama episodes to watch offline.

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4. Are all Anupama episodes available on alternative platforms?
Not all alternative platforms have all the episodes. It is recommended to check the respective platforms for the latest episodes.

5. Are there any legal alternatives to Hotstar for watching Anupama?
Yes, SonyLIV and Voot are legal alternatives where you can watch Anupama online.

6. How soon are Anupama episodes available on alternative platforms?
The availability of episodes on alternative platforms may vary. It is advisable to check the platforms regularly for the latest episodes.

7. Can I watch Anupama live on alternative platforms?
No, alternative platforms may not offer live streaming of Anupama. They usually provide episodes after they have aired on television.

8. Is Anupama available with English subtitles?
Yes, Anupama is available with English subtitles on Hotstar. Other platforms may or may not offer subtitles, so it’s best to check beforehand.

9. Can I watch Anupama outside of India?
Yes, if you have access to Hotstar or any of the alternative platforms mentioned, you can watch Anupama from anywhere in the world.

10. Can I stream Anupama in high definition?
Yes, if you have a premium subscription on Hotstar or any other platform offering HD streaming, you can enjoy Anupama in high definition.

11. Are Anupama episodes available in regional languages?
No, Anupama is primarily aired in Hindi and is not available in regional languages.

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12. Can I watch Anupama on my smart TV?
Yes, if your smart TV has access to Hotstar or any of the alternative platforms mentioned, you can watch Anupama directly on your television.

13. Can I watch Anupama on my mobile phone?
Yes, you can watch Anupama on your smartphone by installing the Hotstar or alternative platform’s app.

14. Are there any restrictions on watching Anupama on alternative platforms?
The availability of Anupama on alternative platforms may be subject to regional restrictions. Some platforms may not be available in certain countries, so it’s advisable to check the availability in your location.

In conclusion, if you do not have access to Hotstar, there are several alternative platforms where you can watch Anupama. Whether it’s SonyLIV, Voot, YouTube, JioTV, or Airtel Xstream, you have options to catch up on this gripping show. Keep in mind the unique facts about Anupama, and enjoy the journey of Anupama’s life as she navigates through various challenges and triumphs.

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