Meredith Baxter Net Worth

Meredith Baxter is a well-known actress who has been in the entertainment industry for many years. She has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, and has built a successful career for herself. In addition to her acting work, Meredith Baxter has also made a name for herself as a producer and writer. With her many talents and accomplishments, it’s no surprise that she has amassed a significant net worth over the years.

As of the year 2024, Meredith Baxter’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. This impressive sum is the result of her long and successful career in Hollywood, as well as her various business ventures and investments. Meredith Baxter has worked hard to build her wealth, and she continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Here are 7 interesting facts about Meredith Baxter and her net worth:

1. Early Career Success: Meredith Baxter began her acting career in the early 1970s, and quickly rose to fame with her role as Nancy Lawrence Maitland on the television series “Bridget Loves Bernie.” This early success helped to establish her as a talented and versatile actress, and set the stage for her future success in the industry.

2. Television Star: Meredith Baxter is perhaps best known for her role as Elyse Keaton on the hit television series “Family Ties.” The show was a huge success and ran for seven seasons, earning Meredith Baxter critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Her work on the show helped to solidify her status as a television star, and further increased her net worth.

3. Film Career: In addition to her work on television, Meredith Baxter has also appeared in a number of films throughout her career. Some of her notable film credits include “All the President’s Men,” “Ben,” and “The Betty Broderick Story.” These film roles have helped to expand her acting repertoire and showcase her talent to a wider audience.

4. Business Ventures: Meredith Baxter has not only found success as an actress, but also as a producer and writer. She has been involved in a number of successful television projects, both in front of and behind the camera. These business ventures have helped to increase her net worth and establish her as a multifaceted talent in the industry.

5. Personal Life: Meredith Baxter has been married four times and has five children. She has been open about her personal struggles, including her battles with alcoholism and her journey to sobriety. Her honesty and candor have endeared her to fans and helped to humanize her in the eyes of the public.

6. Philanthropy: Meredith Baxter is also known for her philanthropic efforts, and has been involved in a number of charitable organizations over the years. She has worked to raise awareness and funds for causes such as cancer research, LGBT rights, and animal welfare. Her commitment to giving back has made a positive impact on the lives of many.

7. Continued Success: Despite being in the industry for many years, Meredith Baxter shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to work on new projects and explore new opportunities, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress. Her dedication to her craft and her passion for storytelling have helped to cement her legacy in Hollywood.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about Meredith Baxter:

1. How old is Meredith Baxter in 2024?

Meredith Baxter was born on June 21, 1947, which would make her 77 years old in 2024.

2. How tall is Meredith Baxter?

Meredith Baxter is 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) tall.

3. What is Meredith Baxter’s weight?

Meredith Baxter’s weight is not publicly disclosed.

4. Who is Meredith Baxter’s spouse?

Meredith Baxter has been married four times, her most recent marriage was to Nancy Locke in 2013.

5. What is Meredith Baxter’s net worth in 2024?

Meredith Baxter’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million in the year 2024.

6. What are some of Meredith Baxter’s notable television roles?

Some of Meredith Baxter’s notable television roles include Elyse Keaton on “Family Ties” and Nancy Lawrence Maitland on “Bridget Loves Bernie.”

7. Has Meredith Baxter won any awards for her acting?

Yes, Meredith Baxter has won several awards for her acting, including two Emmy nominations for her role on “Family Ties.”

8. Is Meredith Baxter involved in any charitable causes?

Yes, Meredith Baxter is involved in several charitable causes, including cancer research, LGBT rights, and animal welfare.

9. How many children does Meredith Baxter have?

Meredith Baxter has five children from her four marriages.

10. What other business ventures has Meredith Baxter been involved in?

In addition to acting, Meredith Baxter has also worked as a producer and writer on various television projects.

11. What is Meredith Baxter’s most recent project?

Meredith Baxter’s most recent project is a television series called “The Good Doctor,” in which she has a recurring role.

12. Has Meredith Baxter ever written a book?

Yes, Meredith Baxter has written a memoir called “Untied,” in which she discusses her personal struggles and triumphs.

13. Does Meredith Baxter have any upcoming projects?

Yes, Meredith Baxter has several upcoming projects in the works, including a new film and a television series.

14. What is Meredith Baxter’s favorite role that she has played?

Meredith Baxter has said that her favorite role is Elyse Keaton on “Family Ties,” as it allowed her to showcase her comedic and dramatic talents.

15. How has Meredith Baxter’s personal struggles influenced her work?

Meredith Baxter has said that her personal struggles, including her battles with alcoholism, have influenced her work and made her a more empathetic and understanding actress.

16. What is Meredith Baxter’s advice for aspiring actors?

Meredith Baxter’s advice for aspiring actors is to stay true to themselves and never give up on their dreams, no matter how difficult the road may be.

In conclusion, Meredith Baxter is a talented and accomplished actress who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. With her impressive net worth, diverse body of work, and philanthropic efforts, she continues to be a respected and admired figure in Hollywood. As she continues to pursue new projects and challenge herself creatively, there is no doubt that Meredith Baxter will remain a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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