New Super Mario Bros 2 1-castle Star Coins

New Super Mario Bros 2 1-Castle Star Coins: A Guide to Collecting Them All

New Super Mario Bros 2, developed by Nintendo, is a popular addition to the Super Mario series. The game offers exciting levels, challenging obstacles, and, of course, the ever-elusive Star Coins. In this article, we will focus on the 1-Castle level and provide a comprehensive guide on collecting all the Star Coins. Additionally, we will explore five interesting facts about the game, followed by answers to 14 common questions for players seeking assistance. Let’s dive in!

1-Castle Star Coins Guide:
The 1-Castle level in New Super Mario Bros 2 is a thrilling challenge that requires both skill and strategy. Here’s how you can collect all the Star Coins:

Star Coin 1: After passing the first set of moving platforms, you’ll see the first Star Coin floating above a platform. Time your jump carefully to grab it.

Star Coin 2: As you progress, you’ll come across a section with rotating platforms. Above one of these platforms, you’ll find the second Star Coin. Jump on the platforms to reach it.

Star Coin 3: Towards the end of the level, you’ll find a large spinning wheel. Jump onto it and carefully navigate to the top, where the third Star Coin awaits.

Interesting Facts about New Super Mario Bros 2:
1. Coin Rush Mode: New Super Mario Bros 2 introduces the Coin Rush mode, which challenges players to collect as many coins as possible within a time limit. It adds a new level of excitement and competition to the game.

2. Golden Mario: Collecting one million coins in the game will transform Mario into Golden Mario, offering increased invincibility and the ability to shoot fireballs at enemies.

3. Cooperative Play: The game supports cooperative play, allowing two players to tackle levels together. This feature enables friends or family members to team up and conquer challenges as a team.

4. DLC Courses: New Super Mario Bros 2 offers downloadable content (DLC) courses, providing players with additional levels and challenges beyond the base game. This keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

5. Coin Focus: Unlike other Mario games, New Super Mario Bros 2 heavily focuses on coin collecting. The game encourages players to amass as many coins as possible, offering a unique twist to the traditional Mario formula.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I play New Super Mario Bros 2 on my Nintendo Switch?
No, New Super Mario Bros 2 is exclusively available for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console.

2. Are there any cheat codes to unlock all Star Coins?
No, the game does not feature any cheat codes to unlock Star Coins. Players must collect them through skillful gameplay.

3. How many Star Coins are there in total?
There are three Star Coins in each level of New Super Mario Bros 2, including the 1-Castle level.

4. Can I replay levels to collect missed Star Coins?
Yes, you can replay levels at any time to collect missed Star Coins or improve your overall score.

5. What happens if I collect all the Star Coins?
Collecting all the Star Coins in a level unlocks secret levels and paths, providing additional challenges and rewards.

6. Are there any power-ups in New Super Mario Bros 2?
Yes, the game offers various power-ups, including the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Leaf, granting Mario unique abilities.

7. Can I save my progress in the game?
Yes, New Super Mario Bros 2 features multiple save slots, allowing you to save and resume your progress at any time.

8. Is multiplayer available in New Super Mario Bros 2?
Yes, the game supports multiplayer, allowing two players to play cooperatively or competitively.

9. Can I play as any character other than Mario?
No, in New Super Mario Bros 2, you can only play as Mario. However, the game features a multiplayer mode where the second player can play as Luigi.

10. Are there any secret warp zones in the game?
No, New Super Mario Bros 2 does not include any secret warp zones.

11. Can I play the game without 3D mode?
Yes, New Super Mario Bros 2 can be played in both 2D and 3D modes, depending on your preference.

12. How many levels are there in the game?
New Super Mario Bros 2 includes 80 levels across various worlds, providing hours of gameplay.

13. Can I use amiibo with New Super Mario Bros 2?
No, New Super Mario Bros 2 does not support amiibo functionality.

14. Can I download additional content for the game?
Yes, New Super Mario Bros 2 offers downloadable content (DLC) courses that provide additional levels and challenges.

In conclusion, New Super Mario Bros 2 offers an exciting gaming experience with its challenging levels and the thrill of collecting Star Coins. With this guide, you’ll be able to conquer the 1-Castle level and collect all the Star Coins it has to offer. Additionally, the game’s unique features, such as Coin Rush mode and Golden Mario, add a fresh twist to the traditional Mario gameplay. We hope these answers to common questions provide the assistance you need to navigate the game successfully. Enjoy your adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom!

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