Penn State Game Where to Watch

Penn State Game: Where to Watch

As one of the most highly anticipated events in the college football calendar, a Penn State game is an experience that fans and enthusiasts eagerly look forward to. Whether you’re a die-hard Penn State supporter or simply a lover of the game, knowing where to watch the Nittany Lions in action is essential. In this article, we will explore various options for catching the next Penn State game and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Where to Watch:

1. Stadium:
Attending a Penn State game at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania, is an unmatched experience for any fan. The stadium’s capacity of over 107,000 makes it one of the largest in the country, creating an electrifying atmosphere. You can expect a sea of blue and white, roaring chants, and an unforgettable game-day experience.

2. Television Broadcast:
If you can’t make it to the stadium, watching the game on television is the next best option. Major networks such as ESPN, ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC often broadcast Penn State games throughout the season. Be sure to check your local listings or the official Penn State Athletics website for the specific channel and time of the game.

3. Streaming Services:
In the age of digital streaming, many fans prefer to watch games from the comfort of their homes. Various streaming platforms, such as ESPN+, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV, offer live sports packages that include college football games. Subscribing to one of these services allows you to stream Penn State games on your preferred device, be it a smart TV, computer, or mobile phone.

4. Sports Bars and Restaurants:
For those who crave the energetic atmosphere of a game day but don’t have tickets or prefer not to watch from home, heading to a sports bar or restaurant can be a great alternative. Many establishments, especially those in the State College area, cater to Penn State fans during game days. These venues often have multiple screens showing various games simultaneously, ensuring that you won’t miss a single moment of the action.


Q: When is the next Penn State game?
A: The Penn State football schedule is typically announced before the start of the season. You can find the team’s schedule on the official Penn State Athletics website or through various sports news outlets.

Q: How can I purchase tickets for a Penn State game?
A: Tickets for Penn State games can be purchased through the official Penn State Athletics website, or you can try reputable secondary ticket marketplaces like StubHub or Ticketmaster.

Q: Are there any specific COVID-19 protocols to consider when attending a Penn State game?
A: Due to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, it is essential to stay updated on the latest COVID-19 protocols and guidelines set by the university, state, and local authorities. Visit the official Penn State Athletics website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding attendance policies.

Q: Can I tailgate before a Penn State game?
A: Tailgating is a cherished tradition at Penn State, and fans often gather to celebrate before games. However, it is crucial to adhere to any regulations or guidelines set by the university or local authorities, particularly regarding alcohol consumption and social distancing.

Q: Can I meet the players or get autographs after the game?
A: Meeting players or getting autographs depends on the team’s policies and the availability of players. Typically, there are designated autograph sessions or events organized by the university throughout the season. Keep an eye on the official Penn State Athletics website for such opportunities.

In conclusion, whether you choose to attend a Penn State game at the iconic Beaver Stadium, watch on television, stream online, or enjoy the vibrant atmosphere at a sports bar, there are numerous ways to catch the Nittany Lions in action. Stay updated on the team’s schedule, follow the official Penn State Athletics website and social media channels for the latest information, and get ready to cheer on your favorite team!

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