Pokemon X And Y Lost Hotel How To Meet The Boss

Pokemon X and Y Lost Hotel: How to Meet the Boss and 5 Interesting Facts

Pokemon X and Y introduced players to the vast Kalos region, filled with exciting adventures and unique locations. One of the intriguing areas players can explore is the Lost Hotel, a mysterious building that holds secrets and challenges for trainers. In this article, we will guide you on how to meet the boss in the Lost Hotel and also provide you with five interesting facts about this enigmatic location.

How to Meet the Boss in the Lost Hotel

Finding the boss in the Lost Hotel can be a bit tricky, but with our guidance, you’ll be able to navigate your way and face this formidable opponent. Follow these steps to meet the boss:

1. Enter the Lost Hotel: You can find the Lost Hotel on Route 16, west of Lumiose City. Enter the building, and you will be greeted by eerie music and a dimly lit environment.

2. Solve the puzzles: As you explore the Lost Hotel, you’ll encounter various puzzles that need to be solved to progress. These puzzles involve navigating through trash cans and finding the correct path. Take your time, explore all the rooms, and interact with the various objects to uncover hidden switches and paths.

3. Battle the trainers: Along your journey through the Lost Hotel, you’ll encounter several trainers who are eager to battle. Defeat them to gain experience and prepare yourself for the final challenge.

4. Activate the power: To reach the boss, you must activate the power in the building. Head to the basement and find the generator room. Interact with the generator to restore power to the Lost Hotel.

5. Face the boss: Once the power is restored, head back to the main floor and continue exploring until you find the boss room. Prepare your team and engage in an intense battle with the boss.

Five Interesting Facts about the Lost Hotel

1. Haunted History: The Lost Hotel is said to be haunted by the spirits of Pokemon who were abandoned by their trainers. This adds an eerie and mysterious atmosphere to the location.

2. Electrifying Decor: The Lost Hotel is filled with electric-themed decorations, including light fixtures shaped like Pikachu, Voltorb, and other electric-type Pokemon. It adds a unique touch to the building’s aesthetic.

3. Mysterious Trash Cans: The Lost Hotel is known for its peculiar trash cans that can be found throughout the building. Interacting with these trash cans may lead to hidden items or even battles with wild Pokemon.

4. Exclusive Pokemon: The Lost Hotel is home to several exclusive Pokemon, including the powerful Electrike and its evolution, Manectric. This makes it a must-visit location for trainers looking to expand their team.

5. Hidden TM: Within the Lost Hotel, trainers can find a hidden TM. TM95, Snarl, is a powerful dark-type move that can be a valuable addition to your team’s moveset.

Common Questions about the Lost Hotel

1. Can I visit the Lost Hotel before defeating the Elite Four?
Yes, you can explore the Lost Hotel at any point in the game.

2. Can I catch any legendary Pokemon in the Lost Hotel?
No, the Lost Hotel does not offer any legendary Pokemon encounters.

3. Are there any rare items in the Lost Hotel?
Yes, the Lost Hotel contains hidden items scattered throughout the building, including rare TMs and evolutionary items.

4. Can I battle the boss multiple times?
No, once you defeat the boss in the Lost Hotel, you cannot battle them again.

5. Are there any trainers in the Lost Hotel who give out special items?
Yes, some trainers in the Lost Hotel may give you valuable items upon defeat.

6. Can I find any shiny Pokemon in the Lost Hotel?
While shiny Pokemon can appear in any location, the chances of finding one in the Lost Hotel are the same as anywhere else in the game.

7. Can I use the Lost Hotel as a training spot for my Pokemon?
Yes, battling the trainers in the Lost Hotel can provide valuable experience points for your Pokemon.

8. Are there any hidden secrets in the Lost Hotel?
Yes, the Lost Hotel contains hidden switches and paths that can lead to secret areas and items.

9. Can I find any ghost-type Pokemon in the Lost Hotel?
No, the Lost Hotel does not have any wild ghost-type Pokemon encounters.

10. Can I find any evolutionary stones in the Lost Hotel?
Yes, there is a chance to find evolutionary stones by interacting with certain objects in the Lost Hotel.

11. Are there any healing spots in the Lost Hotel?
Unfortunately, there are no healing spots within the Lost Hotel. It is recommended to bring healing items with you.

12. Can I catch the boss’s Pokemon?
No, the boss’s Pokemon cannot be caught. They are exclusive to the boss battle.

13. What level should my Pokemon be before challenging the boss?
It is recommended to have a well-trained team with Pokemon around level 40-50 to take on the boss in the Lost Hotel.

14. Is there any post-battle reward for defeating the boss?
Defeating the boss in the Lost Hotel will reward you with a significant amount of experience points and potentially valuable items.

The Lost Hotel in Pokemon X and Y is an exciting and challenging location that offers an immersive experience for trainers. By following our guide, you will be able to meet the boss and uncover the mysteries that lie within this enigmatic building. So, gear up, explore, and prepare for an electrifying adventure!

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