Soul Silver How To Get To Blackthorn City

Soul Silver: How to Get to Blackthorn City and 6 Interesting Facts

Pokémon Soul Silver, the beloved remake of the classic Pokémon Silver, takes players on a thrilling journey through the Johto region. As trainers embark on their quest to become Pokémon champions, they will encounter various challenges, including navigating their way to Blackthorn City. In this article, we will guide you through the path to Blackthorn City in Soul Silver, along with six interesting facts about the city. Additionally, we have included answers to fifteen common questions that players often have about this section of the game.

Getting to Blackthorn City requires traversing various routes and overcoming obstacles. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you reach your destination:

1. Begin your journey in Goldenrod City, where you’ll have access to the Bike Shop. Obtain the Bicycle, as it will significantly speed up your travels.

2. Head east out of Goldenrod City, crossing Route 35 and Route 36. Along the way, you will encounter trainers and wild Pokémon.

3. Upon reaching Route 37, continue eastward until you reach Ecruteak City. Explore the city and challenge the Gym Leader for a badge.

4. Once you have the badge, exit Ecruteak City to the east, and you will find yourself on Route 38. Continue your journey until you reach Route 39.

5. Traverse Route 39, battling trainers and capturing new Pokémon along the way, until you reach Olivine City. Here, you will find a Gym that you can challenge to earn another badge.

6. After obtaining the badge from Olivine City, head west to Route 40. Continue along this route until you reach Route 41.

7. On Route 41, you will encounter the Whirl Islands. Navigate through the islands’ puzzles and caves until you find the legendary Pokémon, Lugia.

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8. Return to Olivine City and use Surf to travel south to Route 40. Continue along Route 40 until you reach Route 42.

9. Enter the Ice Path on Route 42 and make your way through the icy maze. Be sure to solve the puzzles and defeat trainers inside.

10. After successfully navigating the Ice Path, you will emerge on Route 45. Travel through this route, battling trainers, until you reach Blackthorn City.

Now that you’ve arrived in Blackthorn City, let’s explore some interesting facts about this unique location:

1. Blackthorn City is known as the “City of Dragons” due to its Gym specializing in Dragon-type Pokémon. It is the last Gym in the Johto region.

2. The Gym Leader of Blackthorn City is Clair, a powerful Trainer who uses Dragon-type Pokémon. Defeating her will earn you the Rising Badge.

3. In the center of the city, you’ll find the Dragon’s Den, a sacred place where Dragon-type Pokémon gather. It is also home to the powerful Dragonite.

4. The Dragon’s Den houses the Dragon Fang, an item that powers up Dragon-type moves. It is a valuable item for Trainers with Dragon-type Pokémon on their team.

5. Blackthorn City is also home to the Move Deleter, who can help you delete unwanted moves from your Pokémon’s move set. This service can be useful for optimizing your team’s moves.

6. After earning the Rising Badge, you will gain access to the Dragon’s Den, where you can take on a special challenge to prove your worthiness as a Dragon-type Trainer.

Now, let’s address some common questions about reaching Blackthorn City in Soul Silver:

Q1. Can I reach Blackthorn City without obtaining all the previous badges?
A1. No, you must collect all the required badges before reaching Blackthorn City.

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Q2. Can I catch any new Pokémon on the way to Blackthorn City?
A2. Yes, there are several new Pokémon available on the routes leading to Blackthorn City. Be sure to explore and catch as many as you can.

Q3. Can I challenge the Blackthorn City Gym without having Dragon-type Pokémon?
A3. Yes, while Dragon-type Pokémon have an advantage, it is not necessary to have them to defeat Clair. Proper strategy and type matchups can help you overcome the challenge.

Q4. How do I solve the puzzles in the Whirl Islands?
A4. The puzzles in the Whirl Islands involve navigating through different floors and using Strength and Flash to reveal hidden paths. Keep exploring and experimenting until you find your way.

Q5. Can I catch Lugia in the Whirl Islands?
A5. Yes, Lugia can be encountered in the Whirl Islands. However, it is a challenging battle, so be prepared with Pokémon at a high level and plenty of Ultra Balls.

Q6. Can I use Fly to reach Blackthorn City?
A6. No, Fly cannot be used until you have obtained the eighth badge from Blackthorn City.

Q7. Can I heal my Pokémon in Blackthorn City?
A7. Yes, there is a Pokémon Center in Blackthorn City where you can heal your Pokémon and stock up on supplies.

Q8. Are there any Legendary Pokémon in or around Blackthorn City?
A8. While there isn’t a Legendary Pokémon native to Blackthorn City, you can encounter Lugia in the nearby Whirl Islands.

Q9. How can I evolve certain Pokémon that require trading in Blackthorn City?
A9. In Blackthorn City, you can trade Pokémon with NPCs to evolve Pokémon like Machoke, Haunter, and Graveler.

Q10. Can I challenge the Blackthorn City Gym multiple times?
A10. No, once you defeat Clair and earn the Rising Badge, you cannot challenge the Gym again in Soul Silver.

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Q11. How do I access the Dragon’s Den in Blackthorn City?
A11. After obtaining the Rising Badge, you can enter the Dragon’s Den, located in the center of Blackthorn City.

Q12. What is the recommended level for my Pokémon when challenging the Blackthorn City Gym?
A12. It is advisable to have your Pokémon at least around level 35-40 to have a fair chance against Clair’s powerful Dragon-type Pokémon.

Q13. How do I teach my Pokémon new moves in Blackthorn City?
A13. The Move Tutor in Blackthorn City can teach certain moves to your Pokémon in exchange for Heart Scales, a rare item obtained by catching Luvdisc.

Q14. Can I catch a Gible in Blackthorn City?
A14. No, Gible cannot be caught in Blackthorn City. It is available in the Safari Zone after obtaining the National Dex.

Q15. Are there any hidden items in Blackthorn City?
A15. Yes, be sure to thoroughly explore Blackthorn City as there are hidden items scattered throughout the city.

With this guide and interesting facts, you are now ready to delve into Blackthorn City in Pokémon Soul Silver. Enjoy your journey and may you become the ultimate Pokémon champion!

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