Watch Nfl Game On Cbs Online Free

Watch NFL Game on CBS Online Free: A Complete Guide

When it comes to watching NFL games online, CBS is one of the go-to platforms for fans. With its extensive coverage and user-friendly interface, it offers a seamless experience for viewers. In this article, we will discuss how to watch NFL games on CBS online for free, along with some interesting facts about the platform.

How to Watch NFL Game on CBS Online Free?

1. CBS All Access: CBS offers a streaming service called CBS All Access, which allows you to watch live NFL games online. You can sign up for a free trial and enjoy the games without any cost. However, after the trial period, a subscription fee will be required.

2. Locast: Locast is a non-profit streaming service that provides access to local TV channels, including CBS, for free. By using Locast, you can watch NFL games on CBS online without spending a dime. It is available in select cities, so make sure to check if your area is covered.

3. NFL App: The NFL app is another option to watch CBS NFL games online for free. It allows you to stream live games on your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Simply download the app, sign in with your cable provider, and enjoy the action.

4. Streaming Platforms: Some streaming platforms, such as YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and fuboTV, offer CBS as part of their channel lineup. These services require a subscription fee, but they often provide a free trial period, allowing you to watch NFL games on CBS online for free during that time.

5. Free Online Streaming Sites: Although not the most reliable option, there are websites that stream CBS broadcasts for free. However, be cautious when using these sites, as they may contain pop-up ads or malware. It is recommended to have a good antivirus software installed and use an ad-blocker when accessing such sites.

Interesting Facts about CBS:

1. CBS, which stands for Columbia Broadcasting System, is one of the oldest and largest broadcast networks in the United States. It was founded in 1927 and has been a pillar of the American television industry ever since.

2. The network is known for its long-standing tradition of broadcasting NFL games. CBS has been an official broadcaster of the NFL since 1956 and has aired numerous iconic games and Super Bowls throughout the years.

3. CBS is home to some of the most-watched TV shows in history. From classics like “I Love Lucy” and “The Twilight Zone” to modern hits like “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS,” the network has produced a wide range of successful series.

4. In addition to its television programming, CBS also operates a radio network, which reaches millions of listeners across the country. The network’s radio division has produced popular shows such as “The Howard Stern Show” and “The Rush Limbaugh Show.”

5. CBS has received numerous awards and accolades for its contributions to the entertainment industry. It has won the most Primetime Emmy Awards in history and has been recognized for its news programs, sports coverage, and original content.

Common Questions about Watching NFL Games on CBS Online:

1. Can I watch NFL games on CBS for free?

Yes, you can watch NFL games on CBS for free by using services like CBS All Access, Locast, or the NFL app during their trial periods.

2. Do I need a cable subscription to watch NFL games on CBS online?

No, you don’t need a cable subscription. CBS offers various streaming options, including its own streaming service and streaming platforms like YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV.

3. Can I watch NFL games on CBS on my mobile device?

Yes, you can watch NFL games on CBS on your mobile device by using the NFL app or streaming platforms that offer mobile apps.

4. Are there any legal alternatives to watch NFL games on CBS online for free?

Yes, services like Locast provide legal access to CBS broadcasts for free in select cities.

5. Can I watch NFL games on CBS online if I live outside the United States?

It depends. Some streaming services may be geo-restricted and only available within the United States. However, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to bypass these restrictions and access CBS from anywhere in the world.

6. Will I be able to watch local NFL games on CBS online?

Yes, CBS broadcasts local NFL games in most markets, allowing you to watch your favorite team’s games.

7. Can I record NFL games on CBS to watch later?

Yes, CBS All Access and some streaming platforms allow you to record games and watch them later.

8. Can I watch NFL games on CBS in HD?

Yes, CBS broadcasts its games in high definition (HD) for an enhanced viewing experience.

9. Is CBS the only network that broadcasts NFL games?

No, multiple networks, including NBC, FOX, and ESPN, also broadcast NFL games. Each network has different rights to specific games and events.

10. Can I watch the Super Bowl on CBS online for free?

Yes, CBS broadcasts the Super Bowl, and you can watch it for free using CBS All Access or the CBS app during the trial period.

11. How many NFL games does CBS broadcast each week?

CBS typically broadcasts Sunday afternoon games, including the doubleheader games in the early and late time slots.

12. Can I watch NFL games on CBS without commercials?

No, the online streaming of NFL games on CBS includes commercials, just like the traditional television broadcasts.

13. Can I watch NFL games on CBS online if I don’t have a smart TV?

Yes, you can watch NFL games on CBS online using your computer, smartphone, tablet, or streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

14. Are there any blackout restrictions when watching NFL games on CBS online?

Blackout restrictions may apply to certain NFL games, particularly if the game is not sold out in the local market. However, blackout policies have become increasingly rare in recent years.

In conclusion, watching NFL games on CBS online for free is possible through various streaming services and platforms. By using services like CBS All Access, Locast, or the NFL app, you can enjoy live games without spending a dime. Additionally, streaming platforms that offer CBS as part of their channel lineup provide free trial periods, allowing you to catch the action without any cost. Just remember to explore the legal options available and ensure a safe browsing experience when accessing free online streaming sites.


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