What Channel Are the Celtics Playing on Tonight

What Channel Are the Celtics Playing on Tonight?

Basketball fans eagerly anticipate game nights, especially when their favorite team, like the Boston Celtics, is playing. However, finding out which channel is broadcasting the game can sometimes be a challenge. In this article, we will explore the various channels that air Celtics games and provide answers to some frequently asked questions about watching the Celtics play.

The Boston Celtics have an extensive schedule, playing both home and away games throughout the NBA season. To keep up with their games, fans need to know which TV channel will be broadcasting each match. Here are some channels that commonly air Celtics games:

1. NBC Sports Boston: This regional sports network is the primary broadcaster for Celtics games. It covers all locally televised games, including both regular season and playoff games.

2. ESPN: As a national sports network, ESPN occasionally airs Celtics games. These games usually involve high-profile matchups or important moments in the season.

3. TNT: Another national sports network, TNT broadcasts select Celtics games, often featuring top teams or marquee players.

4. ABC: Celtics games can also be found on ABC, particularly during the NBA playoffs or on special occasions like Christmas Day games.

5. NBA TV: This league-owned network provides coverage for various NBA games, including some Celtics matchups. However, NBA TV games may be subject to local blackouts.

6. Fox Sports: In some cases, Fox Sports affiliates may broadcast Celtics games, particularly for away games against teams located in their regional coverage area.


Q1. What channel is the Celtics game on tonight?
A1. The channel broadcasting the Celtics game tonight may vary depending on the game’s importance and location. Check your local listings or use online sports platforms to find the specific channel for tonight’s game.

Q2. Can I stream Celtics games online?
A2. Yes, various streaming platforms like NBA League Pass, Hulu Live, YouTube TV, and fuboTV offer live streaming of Celtics games. However, availability may vary depending on your location and subscription.

Q3. Do I need a cable TV subscription to watch Celtics games?
A3. While cable TV subscriptions often provide access to channels like NBC Sports Boston, ESPN, TNT, or ABC, streaming platforms offer alternative options for cord-cutters to watch Celtics games.

Q4. Are all Celtics games nationally televised?
A4. No, not all Celtics games are nationally televised. Some games may only be broadcast locally on networks like NBC Sports Boston, requiring regional coverage to view them.

Q5. Can I watch Celtics games on my mobile device?
A5. Yes, many streaming platforms mentioned earlier offer mobile apps that allow you to watch Celtics games on your smartphone or tablet.

Q6. What if I live outside of Boston? Can I still watch Celtics games?
A6. Yes, national networks like ESPN, TNT, and ABC often broadcast Celtics games nationwide. Additionally, NBA League Pass provides access to all NBA games, including the Celtics, regardless of your location.

Q7. What if I miss a Celtics game? Can I watch it later?
A7. Yes, some streaming services offer the ability to watch games on-demand, allowing you to catch up on any Celtics games you might have missed.

Q8. Are there any free options to watch Celtics games?
A8. While most legal streaming options require a subscription, some platforms may offer limited free trials or occasional free games. However, these options may have restrictions or limitations.

Q9. Do blackout restrictions apply to Celtics games?
A9. Yes, blackout restrictions may apply to Celtics games, particularly for NBA TV broadcasts. These restrictions prevent local viewers from watching games on the network if they are available on a local channel.

In conclusion, finding the channel broadcasting the Celtics game tonight can be exciting for fans. NBC Sports Boston, ESPN, TNT, ABC, and NBA TV are some common channels that air Celtics games. However, with the rise of streaming platforms, fans have more options to enjoy their favorite team’s games. Whether you have cable or prefer streaming, you can easily keep up with the Boston Celtics and cheer them on from the comfort of your home.

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