What Channel Can I Watch Kentucky Derby 2024 Live

Title: What Channel Can I Watch Kentucky Derby 2024 Live: Everything You Need to Know!


The Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world, attracting millions of viewers every year. As the anticipation builds for the 2024 Kentucky Derby, fans are eager to know where they can watch the thrilling race unfold. In this article, we will explore the channel options available for watching the Kentucky Derby 2024 live, along with five interesting facts about this iconic event. Additionally, we will address 14 common questions to ensure you have all the information you need to enjoy this spectacular race.

What Channel Can I Watch Kentucky Derby 2024 Live:

1. NBC Sports Network (NBCSN):
NBCSN has been the primary broadcaster of the Kentucky Derby for several years. With comprehensive coverage, NBCSN offers a pre-race show, live race coverage, and post-race analysis, providing an immersive experience for viewers.

2. NBC:
The main NBC channel also broadcasts the Kentucky Derby. It is advisable to check local listings closer to the event for the precise channel number in your area.

3. Online Streaming:
For those who prefer online streaming, NBC Sports’ website and app provide live streaming options, allowing you to enjoy the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

4. International Viewers:
International viewers can tune in to their local sports channels or check if NBC has any international broadcasting partnerships in their region. Alternatively, they can explore online streaming options to catch the live action.

5. Replays and Highlights:
In case you miss the live broadcast, NBC Sports and official Kentucky Derby websites often provide replays and highlights, ensuring you can relive the excitement at your convenience.

Five Interesting Facts About the Kentucky Derby:

1. The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports:
The Kentucky Derby is often referred to as the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” due to its renowned speed. Horses competing in the race run approximately 1.25 miles in just about two minutes, showcasing their remarkable agility and strength.

2. The Iconic Mint Julep:
The Kentucky Derby is famous for its official drink, the Mint Julep. It is estimated that over 120,000 of these refreshing concoctions are consumed during the event. Mint Julep is a delightful mix of bourbon, mint, sugar, and crushed ice, perfectly complementing the excitement of the race.

3. The Garland of Roses:
Since 1896, the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby has been adorned with a garland of roses. This beautiful tradition adds a touch of elegance to the winner’s celebration and symbolizes the prestige and honor associated with this historic event.

4. The Twin Spires:
Churchill Downs, the iconic racetrack where the Kentucky Derby takes place, is known for its distinctive architectural feature – the Twin Spires. These twin steeples have become synonymous with the race and serve as a visual representation of the event’s grandeur.

5. The Oldest Continuous Sporting Event in the U.S.:
The Kentucky Derby has been held annually since its inception in 1875, making it the oldest continuous sporting event in the United States. Its rich history and enduring popularity have solidified its status as a beloved tradition for horse racing enthusiasts worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When is the Kentucky Derby 2024?
The Kentucky Derby 2024 is scheduled to take place on [date] at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

2. What time does the race start?
The exact race time is usually determined closer to the event. However, the Kentucky Derby is traditionally run in the late afternoon, around 6:30 PM Eastern Time.

3. Can I watch the Kentucky Derby on cable?
Yes, both NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) and the main NBC channel broadcast the Kentucky Derby live on cable.

4. Can I stream the Kentucky Derby online?
Absolutely! NBC Sports’ website and app offer live streaming options for viewers who prefer to watch the Kentucky Derby online.

5. Will there be a pre-race show?
Yes, NBC provides comprehensive coverage that includes a pre-race show, allowing you to catch up on all the excitement leading up to the main event.

6. Can international viewers watch the Kentucky Derby?
International viewers can check their local sports channels for Kentucky Derby coverage. Alternatively, they can explore online streaming options available in their region.

7. Are there any replay options available?
Yes, if you miss the live broadcast, NBC Sports and official Kentucky Derby websites often provide replays and highlights for you to enjoy.

8. How long is the Kentucky Derby race?
The Kentucky Derby race is approximately 1.25 miles long, or 10 furlongs, and takes around two minutes for the horses to complete.

9. Are there any age restrictions for viewers?
There are no specific age restrictions to watch the Kentucky Derby. However, parental guidance is advised for younger viewers due to the nature of live sports programming.

10. Can I attend the Kentucky Derby in person?
Yes, tickets are available for purchase to attend the Kentucky Derby in person. However, it is recommended to book well in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly.

11. How can I participate in betting on the Kentucky Derby?
To participate in betting on the Kentucky Derby, you can visit a local racetrack, an off-track betting facility, or use online platforms that offer betting services legally in your jurisdiction.

12. How much prize money is awarded to the winner?
The prize money for the Kentucky Derby varies each year, but it is typically in the range of several million dollars, with a significant portion going to the winning horse’s owner and jockey.

13. Are there any other notable races on Kentucky Derby day?
Yes, Kentucky Derby day is filled with exciting races. The Kentucky Oaks, a prestigious race for fillies, is held the day before the Derby, while other stakes races are scheduled throughout the Derby day card.

14. How can I stay updated with the latest Kentucky Derby news?
To stay updated with the latest news, updates, and announcements regarding the Kentucky Derby, you can visit the official Kentucky Derby website or follow their social media channels.


The Kentucky Derby 2024 promises to be another exhilarating event in the world of horse racing. Whether you choose to watch it on cable, stream it online, or catch the highlights later, the Kentucky Derby offers a thrilling experience for all. Don’t miss out on the “Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” and immerse yourself in the rich history and excitement of this iconic race!

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