What Channel Can I Watch the Arsenal Game On

What Channel Can I Watch the Arsenal Game On?

Football fans all around the world eagerly await the opportunity to watch their favorite teams in action. For Arsenal fans, knowing the channel on which their beloved team’s games are being broadcasted is crucial. In this article, we will discuss the various channels Arsenal games are televised on, along with some interesting facts about the club.

Channels Televising Arsenal Games:

1. Sky Sports: One of the most popular sports networks in the United Kingdom, Sky Sports regularly broadcasts Arsenal games. They provide comprehensive coverage, including pre and post-match analysis, as well as live commentary.

2. BT Sport: Another prominent sports broadcaster in the UK, BT Sport also airs a significant number of Arsenal matches. They offer in-depth analysis, expert opinions, and exclusive interviews with players and managers.

3. NBC Sports: For Arsenal fans residing in the United States, NBC Sports is the go-to channel to catch their team in action. They show a selection of Premier League games throughout the season, including Arsenal’s matches.

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4. beIN Sports: This international sports network covers a wide range of football leagues and tournaments, including the Premier League. Arsenal games are often broadcasted on beIN Sports, catering to fans from various parts of the world.

5. Arsenal Player: The official streaming service of Arsenal FC, Arsenal Player, provides an excellent platform for fans to watch live games. This subscription-based service allows access to all Arsenal matches, along with exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage.

Interesting Facts about Arsenal:

1. Arsenal’s Founding: Arsenal FC, originally known as Dial Square, was founded in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal armaments factory in Woolwich, South London. They later changed their name to Royal Arsenal and eventually settled on Arsenal FC in 1893.

2. Highbury Stadium: Arsenal’s iconic home ground until 2006 was Highbury Stadium. Located in North London, it had a capacity of around 38,000 spectators. The famous Clock End and North Bank stands were notable features of this historic venue.

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3. Invincibles: The 2003-2004 Arsenal team, under the management of Arsène Wenger, achieved an incredible feat by going unbeaten throughout the entire Premier League season. This team, known as the “Invincibles,” won 26 games and drew 12, finishing the season with 90 points.

4. Thierry Henry: Considered one of the greatest players in Arsenal’s history, Thierry Henry is the club’s all-time leading goal scorer with 228 goals. He played for Arsenal from 1999 to 2007 and then had a short loan spell in 2012.

5. Emirates Stadium: Arsenal moved to their current home, the Emirates Stadium, in 2006. Situated in Holloway, London, it has a capacity of approximately 60,000 fans. The stadium provides a state-of-the-art experience for supporters and has hosted numerous memorable matches.

Common Questions about Watching Arsenal Games:

1. Can I watch Arsenal games for free?
No, most channels broadcasting Arsenal games require a subscription or payment.

2. Can I watch Arsenal games on Amazon Prime?
Yes, some Arsenal games are available on Amazon Prime Video as part of their Premier League coverage.

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3. Are Arsenal games available on BBC?
No, BBC does not have the rights to broadcast Arsenal games.

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