What Channel Does Auburn Football Play On Today

What Channel Does Auburn Football Play On Today: Everything You Need to Know

When the Auburn Tigers take the field, fans eagerly await the kickoff, ready to cheer on their favorite team. However, with multiple television networks and streaming platforms, finding the right channel to watch the game can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore what channel Auburn football plays on today, along with five interesting facts about the team. Additionally, we will answer 14 common questions regarding Auburn football.

What Channel Does Auburn Football Play On Today?
The television channel on which Auburn football plays can vary depending on the game, conference, and broadcasting rights. Popular networks that often air Auburn games include ESPN, CBS, SEC Network, and ABC. To stay up to date with the latest schedule and channel information, it is recommended to check local listings or visit the official Auburn Athletics website.

Five Interesting Facts about Auburn Football:
1. Historic Rivalries: Auburn University boasts fierce rivalries with two other prominent football programs in the state of Alabama – the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. The annual Iron Bowl against Alabama and the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry against Georgia are among the most anticipated games on Auburn’s schedule.

2. Heisman Trophy Winners: Auburn has had three Heisman Trophy winners in its history. Pat Sullivan won the prestigious award in 1971, followed by Bo Jackson in 1985, and Cam Newton in 2010. This impressive accomplishment demonstrates the university’s ability to produce exceptional football talent.

3. National Championships: The Auburn Tigers have won two national championships. Their first title came in 1957, and their second in 2010. The 2010 team, led by quarterback Cam Newton, completed an undefeated season and captured the BCS National Championship.

4. Iconic Stadium: Jordan-Hare Stadium, located on Auburn’s campus, is the home of the Tigers. With a seating capacity of over 87,000, it creates an electrifying atmosphere during games. The stadium is named after Ralph “Shug” Jordan, who served as Auburn’s head coach for 25 seasons, and Cliff Hare, a former Auburn athlete and administrator.

5. War Eagle Tradition: The War Eagle is a symbol deeply rooted in Auburn’s traditions. The story behind it dates back to the Civil War era when a wounded eagle was found on a battlefield by a Confederate soldier. The soldier kept the eagle as a pet, and after the war, he brought it with him to a football game. As the eagle soared above the field, Auburn’s team rallied, leading to a victory. Since then, the War Eagle has become a symbol of Auburn’s spirit and resilience.

Common Questions about Auburn Football:

1. When was Auburn’s last national championship?
Auburn’s last national championship was in 2010.

2. Who is Auburn’s biggest rival?
Auburn’s biggest rival is the University of Alabama.

3. How many Heisman Trophy winners has Auburn produced?
Auburn has produced three Heisman Trophy winners.

4. What is the capacity of Jordan-Hare Stadium?
Jordan-Hare Stadium has a seating capacity of over 87,000.

5. Who is Auburn’s head coach?
As of 2021, Bryan Harsin is the head coach of Auburn football.

6. What is the Iron Bowl?
The Iron Bowl is the annual football game between Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

7. Has Auburn ever had an undefeated season?
Yes, Auburn had an undefeated season in 2010 when they won the national championship.

8. How many SEC championships has Auburn won?
Auburn has won 8 SEC championships.

9. What is the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry?
The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry refers to the annual football game between Auburn and the University of Georgia.

10. Does Auburn have a marching band?
Yes, Auburn has a marching band known as the Auburn University Marching Band.

11. Who are some famous Auburn football alumni?
Famous Auburn football alumni include Bo Jackson, Cam Newton, and Pat Sullivan.

12. How many bowl games has Auburn played in?
Auburn has played in over 40 bowl games.

13. What conference is Auburn in?
Auburn is in the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

14. Can I stream Auburn football games online?
Yes, many Auburn football games are available for streaming on various platforms, including ESPN and CBS.

In conclusion, Auburn football games can be found on a variety of channels, including ESPN, CBS, SEC Network, and ABC. By knowing where to watch the games and learning interesting facts about the team, fans can fully immerse themselves in the excitement of Auburn football. So, grab your team colors, find the right channel, and cheer on the Tigers!

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