What Channel Does Auburn Play on This Weekend

What Channel Does Auburn Play on This Weekend: All You Need to Know

Auburn University is renowned for its competitive athletics program, particularly its football team. If you’re a fan of the Auburn Tigers or simply looking forward to catching their game this weekend, this article has all the information you need. We’ll not only provide you with the details of the channel on which Auburn will be playing, but also share five interesting facts about the university’s football program.

What Channel Does Auburn Play on This Weekend?
The TV channel on which Auburn plays can vary depending on the game and the broadcasting rights. To find out the specific channel for this weekend’s game, you can refer to your local TV listings or check the official Auburn Athletics website. Additionally, popular sports networks like ESPN, CBS, and SEC Network often broadcast Auburn games, so tune in to these channels as well.

Now, let’s dive into some fascinating facts about Auburn University’s football team:

1. Rich History: Auburn’s football program dates back to 1892, making it one of the oldest in the United States. Over the years, the Tigers have achieved considerable success, including numerous conference championships and national titles.

2. Heisman Winners: Auburn has produced three Heisman Trophy winners. Pat Sullivan (1971), Bo Jackson (1985), and Cam Newton (2010) all brought home this prestigious award, which is given to the most outstanding player in college football.

3. Intense Rivalries: Auburn has two fierce rivalries that dominate their schedule each year. The Iron Bowl against the University of Alabama is one of the most heated rivalries in all of college football, while the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry against the University of Georgia dates back to 1892.

4. War Eagle: Auburn’s official battle cry is “War Eagle.” The origins of this unique chant are shrouded in legend, but it has become an integral part of Auburn’s football culture. Fans proudly yell “War Eagle” during games to show their support for the team.

5. Toomer’s Corner Tradition: After significant victories, Auburn fans gather at Toomer’s Corner, a historic intersection in downtown Auburn, to celebrate. During this tradition, fans throw rolls of toilet paper into the trees, creating a spectacular sight and a symbol of Auburn pride.

Now, let’s address some common questions fans often have:

1. When is Auburn’s next game?
The schedule varies each season, so check the Auburn Athletics website or your local sports listings to find out the date and time of Auburn’s next game.

2. Who is Auburn’s head coach?
As of this article’s writing, Bryan Harsin is the head coach of the Auburn Tigers.

3. How can I buy tickets to an Auburn game?
Tickets can be purchased through the Auburn Athletics website or through authorized ticket vendors.

4. Can I watch Auburn games online?
Yes, most Auburn games are available for live streaming on various platforms and networks, including ESPN and CBS.

5. What is Auburn’s football stadium called?
Auburn plays their home games at Jordan-Hare Stadium, which has a seating capacity of over 87,000 spectators.

6. What is Auburn’s all-time win-loss record?
As of 2021, Auburn’s all-time win-loss record stands at over 760 wins and 450 losses.

7. How many national championships has Auburn won?
Auburn has won two recognized national championships, in 1957 and 2010.

8. Who is Auburn’s biggest rival?
Auburn’s biggest rival is the University of Alabama, with whom they contest the annual Iron Bowl.

9. How many players have Auburn sent to the NFL?
Auburn has a rich history of sending players to the NFL. Currently, there are over 30 former Auburn players in the NFL.

10. Does Auburn have a marching band?
Yes, Auburn University has a renowned marching band known as the Auburn University Marching Band, or AUMB.

11. How many Heisman Trophy winners has Auburn produced?
Auburn has produced three Heisman Trophy winners: Pat Sullivan, Bo Jackson, and Cam Newton.

12. What is Auburn’s mascot?
Auburn’s mascot is Aubie the Tiger, a lovable and spirited character that represents the university at games and events.

13. What is the capacity of Jordan-Hare Stadium?
Jordan-Hare Stadium has a seating capacity of over 87,000 spectators, making it one of the largest stadiums in college football.

14. How many conference championships has Auburn won?
As of 2021, Auburn has won 12 Southeastern Conference (SEC) championships.

With these answers to common questions and intriguing facts about Auburn University’s football program, you are now well-prepared to enjoy Auburn’s upcoming game. So grab some snacks, tune in to the designated channel, and cheer on the Auburn Tigers with pride! War Eagle!

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