What Channel Does Texas Rangers Play On

What Channel Does Texas Rangers Play On? Plus, 5 Interesting Facts

The Texas Rangers are a Major League Baseball team based in Arlington, Texas. Established in 1961, the team has become an integral part of the state’s sporting culture. If you’re a fan of the Texas Rangers and want to catch their games on television, you might be wondering, “What channel does Texas Rangers play on?” In this article, we will provide you with the answer to this question, along with five interesting facts about the team.

What Channel Does Texas Rangers Play On?

The Texas Rangers’ games are broadcast on Bally Sports Southwest (formerly known as Fox Sports Southwest). Bally Sports Southwest is a regional sports network that covers sports teams in the South Central United States, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. The channel is available on various cable and satellite providers, ensuring that fans across the region can watch their favorite team in action.

5 Interesting Facts about the Texas Rangers:

1. Team Origins:
The Texas Rangers were originally established as the Washington Senators in 1961, but the team relocated to Arlington, Texas, in 1972 and became the Texas Rangers. This move was prompted by the desire to tap into the growing baseball market in Texas.

2. Nolan Ryan’s Dominance:
Nolan Ryan, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history, played for the Texas Rangers from 1989 to 1993. During this time, he achieved several remarkable milestones, including throwing his seventh no-hitter in 1991 and recording his 5,000th career strikeout in 1989. Ryan’s time with the Rangers solidified his status as a baseball legend.

3. World Series Appearances:
The Texas Rangers have made two appearances in the World Series. In 2010 and 2011, they reached the pinnacle of Major League Baseball but were unable to secure a championship title. Despite falling short, these back-to-back appearances demonstrated the team’s competitive prowess.

4. Globe Life Field:
In 2020, the Texas Rangers moved from their longtime home, Globe Life Park, to the newly constructed Globe Life Field. This state-of-the-art stadium features a retractable roof and improved amenities for both players and fans. It serves as a testament to the team’s commitment to providing an exceptional game-day experience.

5. Team Records:
Throughout their history, the Texas Rangers have seen remarkable individual performances. Some notable records include Ivan Rodriguez’s 35-game hitting streak in 1999, Josh Hamilton’s four-home-run game in 2012, and Juan Gonzalez’s 157 RBIs in 1998. These achievements highlight the talent that has graced the Texas Rangers’ roster.

Common Questions about the Texas Rangers:

1. When were the Texas Rangers established?
– The Texas Rangers were established in 1961 as the Washington Senators before relocating to Arlington in 1972.

2. How many World Series have the Texas Rangers won?
– The Texas Rangers have not won a World Series championship to date.

3. Who is the most famous player in Texas Rangers history?
– Nolan Ryan is widely regarded as the most famous player in Texas Rangers history.

4. Where do the Texas Rangers play their home games?
– The Texas Rangers play their home games at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

5. What is the capacity of Globe Life Field?
– Globe Life Field has a seating capacity of approximately 40,300 for baseball games.

6. Who is the current manager of the Texas Rangers?
– As of 2021, Chris Woodward is the manager of the Texas Rangers.

7. Have the Texas Rangers retired any numbers?
– Yes, the Texas Rangers have retired the numbers of several iconic players, including Nolan Ryan (34), Ivan Rodriguez (7), and Johnny Oates (26).

8. What is the team’s mascot?
– The Texas Rangers’ mascot is named “Rangers Captain,” a horse who makes appearances during games.

9. How many All-Star Game selections have the Texas Rangers had?
– The Texas Rangers have had numerous players selected to the MLB All-Star Game, with notable names like Ivan Rodriguez, Nolan Ryan, and Josh Hamilton.

10. Who holds the record for the most home runs in a season for the Texas Rangers?
– The record for the most home runs in a season for the Texas Rangers is held by Alex Rodriguez, who hit 57 home runs in 2002.

11. What is the team’s biggest rivalry?
– The Texas Rangers’ biggest rivalry is with the Houston Astros, as both teams are located in Texas.

12. Has a Texas Rangers pitcher ever won the Cy Young Award?
– Yes, two Texas Rangers pitchers have won the prestigious Cy Young Award: Ferguson Jenkins in 1974 and Bartolo Colón in 2005.

13. How many no-hitters have the Texas Rangers thrown?
– The Texas Rangers have thrown 16 no-hitters in their history, with Nolan Ryan contributing seven of them.

14. What color uniforms do the Texas Rangers wear?
– The Texas Rangers primarily wear red, white, and blue uniforms, reflecting the team’s patriotic theme.

In conclusion, the Texas Rangers’ games are broadcast on Bally Sports Southwest, and fans can catch their favorite team in action on this regional sports network. The team’s rich history, notable players, and achievements have earned them a special place in the hearts of baseball enthusiasts. Whether you’re watching their games on TV or attending them at Globe Life Field, the Texas Rangers offer an exciting experience for fans of America’s favorite pastime.

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