What Channel Does UT Vols Play on Saturday Sept. 5

What Channel Does UT Vols Play on Saturday Sept. 5?

The University of Tennessee Volunteers (UT Vols) football team is set to kick off their season on Saturday, September 5th. Fans are eagerly awaiting the first game of the season, but many are wondering what channel they can tune in to catch the action. The game will be broadcasted on the SEC Network, giving fans the opportunity to watch their beloved Vols from the comfort of their homes.

Now that you know where to find the game, let’s dive into some interesting facts about the UT Vols and their upcoming season:

1. Historic Rivalries: The UT Vols have a rich history of rivalries, but none more intense than their annual clash with the University of Florida Gators. Known as the “Third Saturday in September,” this matchup has been played every year since 1990 and is one of the most anticipated games on the Vols’ schedule.

2. Neyland Stadium: The Vols play their home games at Neyland Stadium, which is one of the largest stadiums in the country. With a seating capacity of over 102,000, it is often referred to as one of the loudest and most intimidating venues for opposing teams.

3. Peyton Manning’s Legacy: One of the most iconic players in UT Vols history is none other than Peyton Manning. Manning, who went on to have a legendary NFL career, left a lasting impact on the university and the football program. He led the Vols to an SEC Championship in 1997 and still holds several school records.

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4. Volunteer Navy: The UT Vols have a unique tradition called the “Volunteer Navy.” During games, boats can be seen in the Tennessee River behind Neyland Stadium, where fans gather to cheer on the team and create a lively atmosphere.

5. Rocky Top: The UT Vols’ fight song, “Rocky Top,” is one of the most recognizable and beloved fight songs in college football. It has become an anthem for fans and is played throughout games, creating an electric atmosphere.

Now, let’s address some common questions fans might have about the upcoming game:

1. What time does the game start?
The game is scheduled to kick off at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.

2. Who is the UT Vols’ opponent for the first game?
The Vols will be facing the Charlotte 49ers in their season opener.

3. Is the game available for streaming?
Yes, the game will be available for streaming on the ESPN app or the SEC Network website.

4. Can I attend the game in person?
Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety measures, Neyland Stadium will not be open to the general public for the first game. Only a limited number of essential personnel and families of the players/coaches will be allowed in the stadium.

5. Can I watch the game if I don’t have cable?
If you don’t have cable, you can still watch the game through streaming services that offer the SEC Network, such as Hulu Live, YouTube TV, or Sling TV.

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6. Will there be any pre-game festivities?
As of now, there will be no tailgating or pre-game festivities allowed at Neyland Stadium. Fans are encouraged to support the team from home and follow local guidelines regarding gatherings.

7. Are there any key players to watch out for?
Keep an eye on quarterback Jarrett Guarantano and running back Ty Chandler, as they are expected to play crucial roles in the Vols’ offense.

8. How is the team preparing for the game amid the pandemic?
The team has been following strict safety protocols, including regular testing and social distancing measures, to ensure the safety of the players and staff.

9. Will there be any halftime performances?
As of now, there will be no halftime performances to minimize contact and adhere to safety guidelines.

10. Can I buy official UT Vols merchandise online?
Yes, official UT Vols merchandise is available for purchase online through the University of Tennessee’s official website or through licensed retailers.

11. Can I listen to the game on the radio?
Yes, you can tune in to your local radio station that broadcasts UT Vols football games to listen to the live play-by-play commentary.

12. Are there any watch parties organized for fans?
Due to the current situation, it is advised to avoid large gatherings. However, fans can organize virtual watch parties with friends and fellow Vols supporters to enjoy the game together.

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13. How can I support the team during the game?
You can show your support by engaging on social media, using the official team hashtags, and cheering on the Vols from home.

14. Are there any restrictions on noise-making during the game?
There are no specific restrictions on noise-making during the game. Feel free to cheer as loudly as you want to show your support for the Vols!

As the UT Vols prepare to take the field for their season opener, fans can rest assured knowing they can catch all the action on the SEC Network. Though the circumstances may be unusual, the excitement and passion for Tennessee football remain as strong as ever. Let’s rally behind our team and cheer them on to victory! Go Vols!

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