What Channel I Scrime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen on in Albany NY

Title: What Channel is Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen on in Albany, NY?


Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen is a popular television show that delves into true crime stories, investigations, and mysteries. Hosted by the esteemed journalist Chris Hansen, this show has captivated audiences across the nation. If you are a resident of Albany, NY, and are curious about where you can catch this gripping program, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will not only reveal the channel for Crime Watch Daily in Albany, NY but also provide you with five interesting facts about the show.

Channel for Crime Watch Daily in Albany, NY:

If you are residing in Albany, NY, you can watch Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen on the channel CW15. CW15 is an affiliate of The CW Television Network, and it airs the show at 1:00 PM on weekdays.

Five Interesting Facts about Crime Watch Daily:

1. Chris Hansen’s Background: Chris Hansen, the host of Crime Watch Daily, is an American television journalist and correspondent who gained widespread recognition for his work on Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” series. His expertise and dedication to uncovering the truth make him a compelling host for this true crime show.

2. Emmy-Nominated Show: Crime Watch Daily has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for several Emmy Awards. The show’s meticulous research, compelling storytelling, and insightful interviews have garnered praise from both viewers and industry experts.

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3. In-Depth Investigations: Crime Watch Daily takes an in-depth approach to its investigations. Each episode covers multiple true crime stories, featuring interviews with survivors, law enforcement officials, and experts to shed light on the cases. The show aims to raise awareness, provide justice, and give a voice to the victims.

4. Community Involvement: The show actively encourages viewers to participate in solving crimes. With its “Crime Watch Daily’s Digital Docket” segment, the show utilizes social media platforms to engage the audience, allowing them to provide tips and information that could aid ongoing investigations.

5. Varied Crime Coverage: Crime Watch Daily covers a wide range of crime stories, including murder mysteries, missing persons cases, cold cases, and high-profile trials. The show’s diverse content ensures that viewers remain engaged and informed about various aspects of true crime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Crime Watch Daily a scripted show?
No, Crime Watch Daily is not scripted. It is a news-based program that presents real-life crime stories and investigations.

2. How long has Chris Hansen been hosting the show?
Chris Hansen has been hosting Crime Watch Daily since its inception in 2015.

3. Are all the stories featured on the show based in the United States?
While the majority of the stories are based in the United States, Crime Watch Daily also covers international crime stories on occasion.

4. Can I watch Crime Watch Daily online?
Yes, you can watch select episodes and clips of Crime Watch Daily on the show’s official website or through various streaming platforms.

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5. Does Crime Watch Daily feature unsolved cases?
Yes, Crime Watch Daily often covers unsolved cases in an effort to generate leads and bring attention to cold cases.

6. Are there any age restrictions for watching Crime Watch Daily?
Crime Watch Daily is intended for mature audiences due to its content, and viewer discretion is advised.

7. How long is each episode of Crime Watch Daily?
Each episode of Crime Watch Daily is approximately 60 minutes long, including commercials.

8. Does Crime Watch Daily involve reenactments of crimes?
Crime Watch Daily primarily relies on interviews, archived footage, and expert commentary to present the facts. However, occasional reenactments may be used to enhance the storytelling.

9. Can I submit a crime story for consideration on the show?
While Crime Watch Daily does not directly solicit crime stories from the public, viewers can reach out to local law enforcement agencies or the show’s production team if they believe a case deserves attention.

10. Does Chris Hansen conduct all the interviews on the show?
Chris Hansen conducts some interviews on the show, but the responsibility is shared among a team of reporters and correspondents.

11. Are there any plans for a spin-off series?
As of now, there are no known plans for a spin-off series of Crime Watch Daily.

12. How can I contact the show with tips or information?
You can contact Crime Watch Daily by visiting their official website and using the provided contact information.

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13. Are there any viewer contests or giveaways associated with the show?
Crime Watch Daily occasionally runs viewer contests or giveaways, where viewers can win prizes related to the show. It is advisable to check the show’s official website or social media platforms for updates.

14. Will Crime Watch Daily be renewed for future seasons?
The renewal of Crime Watch Daily for future seasons is determined by network executives, ratings, and the show’s overall success. It is always recommended to stay tuned to the show’s official announcements for updates on future seasons.


If you live in Albany, NY, and are eager to watch Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, tune in to CW15 at 1:00 PM on weekdays. This captivating show, hosted by Chris Hansen, brings you the latest true crime stories, investigations, and mysteries. Stay informed, engaged, and help bring justice to those affected by tuning in to Crime Watch Daily.

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