What Channel Is LSU Playing On

What Channel Is LSU Playing On?

LSU (Louisiana State University) is known for its powerhouse football program and is a favorite among college football fans. As a result, many people often find themselves wondering what channel LSU is playing on. Whether you are a die-hard LSU fan or just someone who enjoys watching college football, it’s important to know where you can catch the LSU Tigers in action. In this article, we will discuss the different channels on which LSU games are broadcasted and answer some frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

LSU Football Channel Guide:

1. CBS: CBS is a popular network that often broadcasts high-profile college football games. LSU games are occasionally aired on CBS, especially when they face strong opponents or participate in significant matchups.

2. ESPN: ESPN is a go-to channel for college football enthusiasts, and LSU games are frequently broadcasted on ESPN. The network has several channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU, where you can catch the Tigers in action.

3. SEC Network: The SEC Network is a dedicated channel for Southeastern Conference (SEC) sports, including LSU football. This channel is a hub for all things SEC and broadcasts numerous LSU games throughout the season.

4. ABC: ABC is another major network that often airs college football games, including LSU matchups. Keep an eye out for LSU games on ABC, especially during primetime slots.

5. NBC: Although not as common, some LSU games may be broadcasted on NBC. This network typically airs Notre Dame football games but occasionally features other prominent college football programs like LSU.

6. Fox: Fox is another network that may broadcast LSU games on occasion. Fox has regional channels like Fox Sports South that have been known to air LSU games, especially when they play against teams from that region.

7. ESPN+: ESPN+ is a subscription-based streaming service that provides access to a wide range of live sports, including college football. Some LSU games may be exclusively available on ESPN+.

8. Louisiana Sports Network: The Louisiana Sports Network is a regional sports network that focuses on Louisiana-based sports teams, including LSU. This network is a great option for fans living in Louisiana who want to catch every LSU game.

9. Online Streaming Platforms: In addition to traditional TV channels, LSU games can also be streamed online. Platforms like WatchESPN, CBS All Access, and Fox Sports Go allow you to stream college football games, including LSU matchups, on your computer or mobile devices.


1. Are all LSU games televised?
Not all LSU games are televised, especially when they play against less prominent opponents. However, the majority of their games are broadcasted on various channels.

2. Can I watch LSU games for free?
While some LSU games may be available on free-to-air networks like CBS or ABC, many games require a cable or streaming subscription to access.

3. Can I watch LSU games on my smartphone?
Yes, you can stream LSU games on your smartphone using various streaming platforms like WatchESPN or the CBS All Access app.

4. What if I don’t have cable or a streaming subscription?
Consider visiting local sports bars or restaurants that often broadcast college football games. Alternatively, you may find radio stations providing live audio coverage of LSU games.

5. Can I stream LSU games outside the United States?
Streaming availability outside the United States may vary. Some platforms may have geo-restrictions, limiting access to certain regions.

6. How can I find out which channel LSU is playing on?
Check LSU’s official website, sports news websites, or TV listings to find out which channel LSU games will be aired on.

7. Are LSU games available on-demand?
Some platforms offer on-demand access to LSU games after they have aired live. Check with the specific streaming service for availability.

8. Can I watch LSU games in high definition?
Yes, most TV channels and streaming platforms offer high-definition broadcasts of LSU games, provided you have the necessary equipment and internet connection.

9. Are there any LSU-specific streaming services?
While there are no LSU-specific streaming services, the Louisiana Sports Network and SEC Network are dedicated channels that often air LSU games.

In conclusion, LSU football games are broadcasted on various TV networks like CBS, ESPN, ABC, NBC, Fox, as well as streaming platforms such as ESPN+ and online streaming services. To stay updated on LSU’s game schedule and the channels they are playing on, check LSU’s official website or refer to sports news websites and TV listings. Whether you prefer watching on your TV, computer, or smartphone, there are plenty of options available to catch the LSU Tigers in action.

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