What Channel Is the Steeler Football Game On

What Channel Is the Steeler Football Game On?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful and beloved teams in the National Football League (NFL). Die-hard Steelers fans eagerly await each game, whether it’s a regular-season matchup or a playoff showdown. However, with the ever-expanding number of broadcasting options, it can sometimes be confusing to determine which channel will be airing the Steelers’ games. In this article, we will explore the various channels that broadcast Steelers football games and answer some common questions related to this topic.

1. What channel broadcasts most Steelers games?
The majority of Pittsburgh Steelers games are broadcast on CBS, as the team has a long-standing agreement with the network.

2. Are there any games that aren’t broadcast on CBS?
Yes, some games may be aired on other networks such as NBC, FOX, or ESPN, particularly during prime-time matchups or national broadcasts.

3. Is there a specific CBS channel for Steelers games?
No, the channel number for CBS varies depending on your cable or satellite provider. You can consult your TV guide or provider’s website for the specific channel number in your area.

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4. Are Steelers games available on local channels?
Yes, CBS affiliates in the Pittsburgh area, such as KDKA, typically air Steelers games. The availability of local channels may vary depending on your location.

5. Can I stream Steelers games online?
Yes, CBS All Access, the network’s streaming service, allows you to stream Steelers games live on various devices. You may need a subscription to access these games.

6. Are there any free streaming options for Steelers games?
Some streaming platforms may offer free trials or limited access to Steelers games. However, these options may not be available for all games, so it’s best to check with each provider.

7. Can I watch Steelers games on NFL Game Pass?
NFL Game Pass allows you to watch full replays of Steelers games, but live streaming is restricted due to broadcasting rights. However, you can still listen to live audio coverage on the platform.

8. Are Steelers games available on NFL Sunday Ticket?
NFL Sunday Ticket is a DirecTV-exclusive package that provides access to out-of-market games. While it offers a wide range of NFL games, it does not specifically focus on the Steelers.

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9. What about streaming services like Hulu or YouTube TV?
Streaming services like Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and others often include local CBS affiliates, allowing you to watch Steelers games. However, availability may vary depending on your location.

10. Do I need a cable subscription to watch Steelers games?
While cable subscriptions provide access to CBS and other networks that broadcast Steelers games, there are alternative options such as streaming services that may suit your needs.

11. Can I listen to Steelers games on the radio?
Yes, Steelers games are broadcast on the team’s flagship radio station, WDVE 102.5 FM, as well as on SiriusXM satellite radio.

12. Are there any Steelers-specific radio shows or podcasts?
Several radio shows and podcasts discuss the Steelers, providing in-depth analysis, interviews, and game breakdowns. Some popular options include “The Terrible Podcast” and “Steelers Nation Radio.”

13. Are international fans able to watch Steelers games?
International fans can access Steelers games through services like NFL Game Pass International, which provides live streaming and on-demand access to games.

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14. Can I watch preseason games on the same channels?
Preseason games may be aired on CBS or other networks, depending on the broadcasting agreements. Local channels and streaming options might also cover these games.

In conclusion, the channel that broadcasts Steelers games primarily depends on the network’s agreement, the game’s time, and whether it is a regular-season or playoff matchup. CBS is the most common channel for Steelers games, but other networks like NBC, FOX, and ESPN may also broadcast certain games. Additionally, streaming platforms and local channels provide alternative ways to watch the Steelers play. Remember to check your TV guide or streaming service to find the specific channel or platform for each game.

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