What Channel to Watch Mexico vs USA Live

Title: What Channel to Watch Mexico vs USA Live: 5 Interesting Facts About the Rivalry


The intense rivalry between Mexico and the United States transcends borders, uniting football fans across North America. As these two footballing powerhouses prepare to face off once again, fans are eagerly searching for the best channel to catch the Mexico vs USA live match. In this article, we will explore the answer to this burning question and delve into five intriguing facts about this legendary rivalry. Additionally, we will provide answers to some commonly asked questions at the end.

What Channel to Watch Mexico vs USA Live:

Football enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that the highly anticipated Mexico vs USA match will be broadcasted on various channels worldwide. However, one of the most reliable options for catching the live action is FS1, which is a popular sports channel in the United States. FS1 offers extensive coverage of major football events and is likely to broadcast the match live. Additionally, if you are in Mexico, you can tune in to Televisa or TV Azteca, two of the country’s leading broadcasters, to watch the match.

5 Interesting Facts about the Mexico vs USA Rivalry:

1. Historical Tug of War:
The rivalry between Mexico and the United States dates back to 1934 when they played their first official match against each other. Since then, the teams have faced off 70 times, with Mexico winning 36 matches and the United States winning 20, showcasing the intense competition between the two nations.

2. The Gold Cup Showdown:
The CONCACAF Gold Cup, the region’s most prestigious tournament, has witnessed several thrilling encounters between Mexico and the United States. These encounters have often decided the winner of the tournament, further adding to the intensity of the rivalry.

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3. The Dos a Cero Phenomenon:
The scoreline “Dos a Cero” holds special significance in the Mexico vs USA rivalry. It refers to the 2-0 victory of the United States over Mexico, which has occurred in multiple high-stakes matches, including World Cup qualifiers and Gold Cup finals.

4. Battle for World Cup Qualification:
Both teams compete fiercely for World Cup qualification, often being drawn into the same group during the qualification stages. The encounters between Mexico and the United States in World Cup qualifiers are always highly anticipated and have a significant impact on the teams’ progress.

5. Fans’ Passion:
The Mexico vs USA rivalry is not limited to the players on the field; it extends to the passionate fans who support their respective teams. Matches between these two nations often feature a vibrant atmosphere, with fans creating an intense and electric ambiance that adds to the spectacle.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. When is the Mexico vs USA match scheduled?
The match is scheduled for [date] at [time]. Please check your local listings for the exact timing in your region.

2. Where can I watch the Mexico vs USA match online?
You can stream the match live on various platforms such as Fox Sports Go, ESPN+, or Univision. Please note that some platforms may require a subscription.

3. Can I watch the match on my mobile device?
Yes, you can stream the match on your mobile device through the respective apps of the streaming platforms mentioned earlier.

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4. Are there any other TV channels broadcasting the match?
Apart from FS1, the match may be broadcasted on other sports channels depending on your region. Check your local listings for more information.

5. Is there a pre-match show for the Mexico vs USA game?
Yes, some channels may provide pre-match analysis and coverage. Tune in to the respective channel before the match for pre-game discussions.

6. Will the match be available with commentary in Spanish?
Yes, channels like Televisa and TV Azteca in Mexico will provide commentary in Spanish. Some English-speaking channels may also have options for Spanish commentary.

7. Can I watch the match in 4K or Ultra HD resolution?
Some broadcasters may offer the match in 4K or Ultra HD resolution. Check with your cable or satellite provider for availability.

8. Is there a radio broadcast of the match?
Yes, several radio stations provide live commentary for the Mexico vs USA match. Check your local sports radio stations for coverage.

9. Are there any restrictions on streaming the match outside the United States or Mexico?
Streaming restrictions may apply based on your location and the streaming platform you choose. Ensure you have access to the chosen platform in your region.

10. Will the match be available for replay if I miss the live broadcast?
Yes, most broadcasters provide match replays or highlights on their websites or apps after the live broadcast.

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11. Are there any official viewing parties for the match?
Official viewing parties may be organized by fan clubs or sports bars. Check with local establishments or official team websites for details.

12. Will there be any additional coverage or analysis after the match?
Some channels may offer post-match analysis, interviews, and highlights. Check the respective channel’s schedule for more information.

13. Can I watch the match on a smart TV or streaming device?
Yes, you can stream the match on smart TVs or streaming devices that support the respective streaming platforms.

14. Is the Mexico vs USA match available on pay-per-view?
The match may not be available on pay-per-view. Check with your cable or satellite provider for availability.


The Mexico vs USA rivalry is a captivating clash that ignites passion and excitement among football fans. As the two teams prepare for their next encounter, football enthusiasts can catch the live action on channels like FS1, Televisa, or TV Azteca. Whether you are supporting Mexico or the United States, this rivalry promises a thrilling match that will leave a lasting impact on the footballing landscape.

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