What Do Stalkers Do In The Last Of Us

Title: The Last of Us: Unveiling the Menacing World of Stalkers

The Last of Us, an award-winning post-apocalyptic video game, immerses players in a world overrun by infected creatures, each posing unique threats. Among these formidable foes are stalkers, eerie creatures that haunt the shadows and prey on unsuspecting survivors. In this article, we explore what stalkers do in The Last of Us, along with six intriguing facts about these elusive enemies. Additionally, we address 15 common questions with detailed answers to enhance your understanding of this captivating aspect of the game.

What Do Stalkers Do in The Last of Us?

1. Stealthy Ambushes: Stalkers excel in stealth and cunning, utilizing their agility and silence to stalk their victims from the shadows. They patiently wait for the perfect moment to strike, often catching survivors off guard.

2. Group Tactics: Stalkers are known to cooperate and coordinate their attacks with other infected. They work in tandem, surrounding their prey from multiple angles, making them challenging adversaries to overcome.

3. Echolocation: Similar to bats, stalkers possess the ability to echolocate, emitting high-pitched clicks to detect the presence and location of their surroundings. This makes it essential for players to remain undetected and silent.

4. Enhanced Senses: Stalkers have heightened hearing and sense of smell, making it difficult to evade their detection. They can pick up even the faintest sounds and scent trails, increasing the tension and difficulty during encounters.

5. Brutal Melee Attacks: When a stalker closes in on its target, it unleashes a relentless barrage of melee attacks, utilizing its sharp claws and teeth. Survivors must be quick and precise in their counter-attacks to survive these deadly encounters.

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6. Elusive Retreats: Stalkers possess an uncanny ability to retreat into the darkness, blending seamlessly with their environment. They can vanish as quickly as they appeared, leaving survivors in a state of constant paranoia.

Six Interesting Facts about Stalkers:

1. Origin: Stalkers are infected humans who have progressed to a later stage of the Cordyceps fungus infection, transforming them into agile and deadly predators.

2. Stalker Behavior: Stalkers typically avoid engaging in direct confrontations unless provoked or outnumbering their prey. They prefer to observe, calculate, and strike when the odds are in their favor.

3. Vulnerabilities: Although stalkers are formidable foes, they share the same weaknesses as other infected. Fire, explosives, and well-placed shots to the head can take them down.

4. Night Vision: Stalkers possess enhanced night vision, allowing them to navigate dark areas with ease. Players must utilize light sources strategically to hinder their stalking abilities.

5. Distinct Sounds: Stalkers emit distinctive warbling vocalizations, which serve as a chilling warning sign of their presence. Recognizing these sounds can help players anticipate an impending attack.

6. Adaptability: Stalkers have shown an ability to adapt to their environment, altering their hunting techniques based on the survivors’ tactics. Their unpredictable nature keeps players on their toes throughout the game.

15 Common Questions about Stalkers in The Last of Us:

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1. Can stalkers be killed?

Yes, stalkers can be killed by utilizing various weapons and strategies, targeting their weaknesses.

2. How do stalkers differ from other infected?

Stalkers possess superior stealth abilities and coordination, making them more challenging opponents than other infected.

3. Can stalkers infect survivors?

No, stalkers do not possess the ability to infect survivors directly. Infection occurs through direct contact with spores or bites from runners or clickers.

4. Are stalkers faster than runners?

Stalkers are faster and more agile than runners, making them harder to outrun and evade.

5. What happens if you get caught by a stalker?

If caught, stalkers will engage in brutal melee attacks, significantly reducing the survivor’s health. Quick reflexes and precise counter-attacks are crucial for survival.

6. Can stalkers swim?

No, stalkers cannot swim. They are limited to land-based areas, which can provide a temporary respite for survivors seeking safety in water bodies.

7. How do stalkers detect survivors?

Stalkers rely on echolocation, enhanced hearing, and sense of smell to detect survivors. Remaining silent and avoiding detection is vital.

8. Can stalkers be distracted?

Yes, stalkers can be distracted by throwing objects or utilizing sound distractions to create opportunities for escape or stealthy takedowns.

9. Can you stealth kill stalkers?

Yes, players can employ stealth takedowns on stalkers, provided they remain undetected and approach cautiously.

10. Do stalkers have weaknesses?

Stalkers share the same vulnerabilities as other infected. Fire, explosives, and headshots can neutralize them effectively.

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11. Can stalkers be encountered in groups?

Yes, stalkers often travel in groups, coordinating their attacks to overwhelm survivors.

12. Are stalkers encountered throughout the game?

Stalkers are encountered in various sections of the game, becoming more prevalent as the story progresses.

13. Can stalkers be outrun?

While stalkers are faster than runners, they can still be outrun by sprinting and utilizing the environment to create distance.

14. Do stalkers have any visual cues?

Stalkers emit faint clicking sounds and possess glowing eyes, which can help players detect their presence in dark areas.

15. Can stalkers be killed with melee weapons?

Yes, stalkers can be killed with melee weapons, but it is a riskier approach due to their swift and powerful counter-attacks.

In The Last of Us, stalkers serve as formidable adversaries, embodying stealth, agility, and deadly precision. By understanding their behavior, vulnerabilities, and unique abilities, players can navigate the treacherous world of The Last of Us with increased awareness and strategize their survival accordingly.

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