What Do You Get For Preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate

What Do You Get For Preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2018, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until its release on December 7th. With its massive roster of fighters, including every character that has ever appeared in the series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate promises to be the ultimate gaming experience for Nintendo fans. But what do you get for preordering this highly anticipated game? Here are some exciting bonuses that come with preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

1. Exclusive Fighter: Piranha Plant
One of the most exciting bonuses for preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the inclusion of a new fighter, Piranha Plant. This iconic enemy from the Super Mario series has never been a playable character in any of the previous Super Smash Bros games. By preordering the game, you will receive a code that unlocks this unique fighter, allowing you to battle it out with your friends using this unexpected addition to the roster.

2. Limited Edition Steelbook
For those who love collecting physical copies of their favorite games, the limited edition steelbook is a must-have. The steelbook features an exclusive design showcasing the game’s main characters and will make a stunning addition to any gaming collection. Preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate guarantees you this eye-catching steelbook, ensuring that your copy of the game stands out from the rest.

3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro Controller
Nintendo has also released a special edition Pro Controller for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This controller features a sleek design with the game’s logo emblazoned on it. It offers a comfortable grip and enhanced controls, perfect for those intense battles with friends. Preordering the game grants you access to this exclusive controller, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

4. Exclusive In-Game Costumes
Preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate also rewards players with exclusive in-game costumes for their Mii Fighters. These costumes include Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a Rabbids hat from the popular crossover game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and a MegaMan.EXE outfit from the Mega Man Battle Network series. These unique costumes add a touch of personalization to your Mii Fighter, allowing you to showcase your favorite characters in the game.

5. Early Access to the Piranha Plant Fighter
In addition to receiving the Piranha Plant fighter as an exclusive bonus, preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate also grants players early access to this character. While other players will have to wait for Piranha Plant to be released as downloadable content, those who preorder the game will be able to enjoy this unique fighter right from the start, giving them a head start in mastering its moves and abilities.

Now that you know what you get for preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate, let’s answer some common questions that fans have been asking:

Q1: Can I cancel my pre-order?
A1: Yes, most retailers allow you to cancel your pre-order before the game is released.

Q2: Can I preorder the game digitally?
A2: Yes, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available for digital pre-order on the Nintendo eShop.

Q3: Are these bonuses available for all editions of the game?
A3: Yes, the exclusive fighter, limited edition steelbook, and Pro Controller are available with all editions of the game.

Q4: Can I get the bonuses if I buy the game after its release?
A4: No, the bonuses are exclusive to preorders and may not be available after the game’s release.

Q5: Will the Piranha Plant fighter be available as DLC later?
A5: Yes, the Piranha Plant fighter will be available for purchase as DLC after the game’s release.

Q6: Can I get the limited edition steelbook without preordering?
A6: The limited edition steelbook is exclusively available as a preorder bonus.

Q7: Can I use the Pro Controller with other games?
A7: Yes, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pro Controller can be used with other Nintendo Switch games.

Q8: Are the in-game costumes available for all Mii Fighters?
A8: Yes, the in-game costumes can be used for all Mii Fighter types.

Q9: Can I preorder the game from any retailer?
A9: Yes, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available for pre-order from multiple retailers.

Q10: Is there a limit to the number of preorders I can make?
A10: Retailers may have limits on the number of preorders per customer, so it’s best to check with the specific retailer.

Q11: Can I transfer the exclusive bonuses to another player?
A11: No, the exclusive bonuses are tied to the account or console on which the game is preordered.

Q12: Can I preorder the game for other platforms?
A12: Super Smash Bros Ultimate is exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch.

Q13: Are the bonuses available for digital preorders too?
A13: Yes, digital preorders also include the exclusive fighter, in-game costumes, and Pro Controller.

Q14: When will the bonuses be delivered?
A14: The bonuses will be delivered either physically at the time of game pickup or digitally through codes provided by the retailer.

With all these exciting bonuses and exclusive content, preordering Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a no-brainer for fans of the series. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure these amazing rewards and be among the first to experience the ultimate gaming extravaganza.

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