What Does a Live Scan Show

What Does a Live Scan Show?

In today’s digital age, background checks have become an essential tool for employers, licensing agencies, and organizations to ensure the safety and security of their clients and employees. One such method used for conducting background checks is a Live Scan. But what exactly does a Live Scan show? Let’s delve into the details.

A Live Scan is a fingerprint-based background check system that allows for the electronic submission of fingerprints to various state and federal agencies. When an individual undergoes a Live Scan, their fingerprints are scanned and compared against the fingerprint records in the database of the agency conducting the background check. This process helps reveal any criminal history or other pertinent information tied to the person being scanned.

Now, let’s address some common questions people often have about Live Scan:

1. Who typically requires a Live Scan?
A Live Scan is required for individuals seeking employment in fields such as healthcare, education, law enforcement, and working with vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.

2. What information is included in a Live Scan report?
A Live Scan report typically includes criminal records, arrest records, convictions, and sometimes even traffic violations.

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3. How far back does a Live Scan check go?
The length of time covered by a Live Scan check varies depending on the agency and the purpose of the background check. Generally, it covers at least the past seven years.

4. Can a Live Scan show expunged records?
Expunged records may not appear on a Live Scan report, but this may vary by state. It’s best to consult with a legal professional for accurate information.

5. Can a Live Scan show out-of-state records?
Live Scan checks are primarily conducted at the state level, so they may not capture out-of-state criminal records. However, some agencies may have access to a nationwide database.

6. Will a Live Scan show pending charges?
A Live Scan may not show pending charges as the information is constantly changing. However, it can reveal arrest records tied to pending charges.

7. Can a Live Scan show records of non-criminal activities?
No, a Live Scan focuses solely on criminal history. It does not reveal information about an individual’s credit score, employment history, or personal life.

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8. Do Live Scans only check for felonies?
No, Live Scans can reveal both felony and misdemeanor convictions, as well as certain traffic violations.

9. Can an employer use a Live Scan for pre-employment screening?
Yes, many employers utilize Live Scans to conduct pre-employment background checks.

10. How long does it take to get Live Scan results?
The processing time for Live Scan results varies by agency. It can range from a few days to several weeks.

11. Can an individual request their own Live Scan?
Yes, individuals can request their own Live Scan for personal or immigration purposes. However, the results may only be shared with the individual, not with employers or other organizations.

12. Can a Live Scan be done on minors?
Yes, Live Scans can be conducted on minors, especially when they are applying for positions or programs that involve working with children.

13. Are Live Scan results confidential?
Yes, Live Scan results are confidential and protected by privacy laws. They are only shared with authorized parties or agencies.

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14. Can a Live Scan be challenged or appealed?
Yes, if you believe there is an error in your Live Scan results, you can challenge or appeal the findings. However, the process and requirements for doing so may vary by state.

In conclusion, a Live Scan is a valuable tool for conducting background checks, providing crucial information about an individual’s criminal history. Understanding what a Live Scan shows can help employers and organizations make informed decisions about hiring or accepting individuals into various positions or programs.

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