What Minecraft Update Came Out in 2014

Title: The Revolutionary Minecraft Update of 2014: A Game-Changer for Players


Minecraft, the iconic sandbox game created by Markus Persson, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide since its initial release in 2011. Over the years, the game has evolved and expanded through regular updates, introducing new features, enhancements, and improvements. In this article, we will explore the significant Minecraft update that was released in 2014, transforming the game and captivating players with its innovative additions.

The Minecraft Update of 2014: A Game-Changer:

In 2014, Minecraft released its highly anticipated update, known as the “Redstone Update.” This game-changing update introduced a range of new features, centered around the redstone component, which enhanced the game’s technical aspects and provided players with endless possibilities for creating intricate and complex contraptions.

Key Features of the 2014 Redstone Update:

1. Redstone Comparator: The redstone comparator allowed players to compare redstone signals and measure their strength. It opened up the potential for creating advanced circuits, logic gates, and complex automated systems.

2. Hopper: The hopper was introduced as a new block that enabled automated item transportation. Players could use hoppers to collect and distribute items, creating efficient sorting systems and item elevators.

3. Daylight Sensor: This new block allowed players to detect the intensity of daylight, providing a crucial element for creating automated lighting systems and triggering specific events based on the time of day.

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4. Dropper: The dropper block functioned as the opposite of the dispenser, allowing players to drop items instead of shooting them out. This addition expanded the possibilities for item-based contraptions and mechanisms.

5. Minecart with Hopper: The addition of the minecart with hopper allowed players to create automated item transportation systems using minecarts. This enabled players to design complex railways and item sorting mechanisms.

6. Activator Rail: The activator rail added a new element to minecart mechanics, enabling players to activate various actions with a minecart, such as launching TNT or triggering redstone signals.

7. Command Block Improvements: The 2014 update introduced improvements to command blocks, making them more versatile and powerful tools for map creators and server administrators.

8. Quartz Blocks and Comparators: Quartz blocks were added as a new decorative element, while quartz comparators expanded the functionality of redstone comparators, adding new possibilities for circuit designs.

9. Stained Glass: The update also introduced stained glass, allowing players to add vibrant colors to their structures and designs, further enhancing the creative potential of Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I still access the 2014 Redstone Update in Minecraft?
Yes, all updates are cumulative in Minecraft, meaning that you can access the features introduced in the 2014 Redstone Update and subsequent updates in the current version of the game.

2. Is the Redstone Update available on all platforms?
Yes, the Redstone Update was made available across all platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices.

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3. How can I make use of the new redstone components effectively?
Numerous tutorials, guides, and online communities provide in-depth instructions and inspiration for utilizing redstone components. Exploring these resources will help you master the new features.

4. Are there any limitations to the redstone update?
While the update expanded the possibilities of redstone contraptions, there are still limitations based on the game’s mechanics and the player’s creativity.

5. Can I update my existing Minecraft world to include the Redstone Update?
Yes, updating your existing world to include the Redstone Update is possible. However, it is recommended to create a backup of your world before updating to avoid any potential issues.

6. Can I play with friends who haven’t updated to the Redstone Update?
Yes, Minecraft supports cross-platform play, allowing players on different versions to connect and play together. However, they may not have access to the new features introduced in the Redstone Update.

7. Are there any performance improvements in the 2014 update?
The Redstone Update primarily focused on introducing new features rather than performance improvements. However, subsequent updates often include optimizations and bug fixes.

8. Can I revert to the previous version if I don’t like the Redstone Update?
Yes, it is possible to revert to a previous version of Minecraft by selecting the desired version in the game’s launcher options.

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9. Will there be more updates after the Redstone Update?
Yes, Minecraft continues to receive regular updates, providing new content, features, and improvements to the game. These updates ensure that the Minecraft experience remains fresh and exciting for both new and experienced players.


The 2014 Redstone Update was a pivotal moment in the history of Minecraft. It introduced an array of new redstone components that expanded the game’s technical aspects and allowed players to create intricate contraptions and automated systems. With features like the redstone comparator, hopper, and minecart with hopper, Minecraft players were able to push the boundaries of their creativity and engage in a whole new level of complexity. The Redstone Update of 2014 remains one of the most significant updates in Minecraft’s history, leaving a lasting impact on the game and its dedicated player base.

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