What Order to Watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD

What Order to Watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD

Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are two popular television shows that are part of the Chicago franchise created Dick Wolf. Both shows are known for their intense storylines, gripping performances, and interconnected characters. If you’re new to these shows or looking to catch up, it’s important to know the correct order to watch them in order to fully understand the ongoing narrative. Here is the recommended order to watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, along with answers to some common questions.

1. Chicago Fire Season 1
2. Chicago PD Season 1
3. Chicago Fire Season 2
4. Chicago PD Season 2
5. Chicago Fire Season 3
6. Chicago PD Season 3
7. Chicago Fire Season 4
8. Chicago PD Season 4
9. Chicago Fire Season 5
10. Chicago PD Season 5
11. Chicago Fire Season 6
12. Chicago PD Season 6
13. Chicago Fire Season 7
14. Chicago PD Season 7
15. Chicago Fire Season 8
16. Chicago PD Season 8

Now let’s address some common questions about watching these shows:

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1. Can I watch Chicago Fire without watching Chicago PD?
Yes, you can enjoy Chicago Fire as a standalone show, but watching both enhances the overall experience.

2. Can I watch Chicago PD without watching Chicago Fire?
Chicago PD can be watched individually, but having knowledge of the events in Chicago Fire adds depth to the storylines.

3. Are there any crossovers between the two shows?
Yes, there are numerous crossovers throughout the seasons, with characters from both shows appearing in each other’s episodes.

4. Is it necessary to watch the crossovers in order to understand the story?
While it’s not mandatory, watching the crossovers helps to understand the interconnected nature of the shows and the character dynamics.

5. Are there any other shows in the Chicago franchise?
Yes, there is also Chicago Med, which focuses on the medical staff of Chicago. It is set in the same universe as Chicago Fire and Chicago PD.

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6. Should I watch Chicago Med too?
Though not essential, watching Chicago Med adds more depth to the overall narrative and introduces additional characters.

7. Is there a specific order to watch Chicago Med along with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD?
The recommended order is: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and then Chicago Med.

8. How many seasons of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are there?
As of 2021, there are 9 seasons of Chicago Fire and 8 seasons of Chicago PD.

9. Are there any spin-offs or other related shows in the Chicago franchise?
Yes, there is a spin-off called Chicago Justice that aired for one season and focuses on the legal system in Chicago.

10. Can I watch Chicago Justice without watching the other shows?
Yes, Chicago Justice can be watched independently, but it does have some crossover episodes with Chicago PD.

11. Is it necessary to watch the shows in real-time or can I binge-watch them?
You can binge-watch the shows as they are designed to be self-contained episodes with overarching storylines.

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12. Are there any particular episodes or arcs I should pay special attention to?
The crossover episodes between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD are usually the highlights, as they bring the characters together for compelling storylines.

13. Can I watch Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on any streaming platforms?
Both shows are available for streaming on NBC’s official website, Hulu, and other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

14. Are there any other shows similar to Chicago Fire and Chicago PD?
If you enjoy the interconnected universe and captivating storylines, you might also enjoy other Dick Wolf shows like Law & Order: SVU and FBI.

In conclusion, watching Chicago Fire and Chicago PD in the recommended order allows you to fully appreciate the interconnected storylines and character arcs. Whether you choose to watch them individually or binge-watch them, these shows offer thrilling drama and compelling performances that will keep you hooked.

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