What Time Is Football Game on Thanksgiving

What Time Is the Football Game on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is not only a time for families to come together and enjoy a delicious meal but also a day filled with exciting football games. The tradition of football on Thanksgiving dates back to the late 1800s and has become an integral part of the holiday celebrations. Many football enthusiasts eagerly await the games and wonder what time they will be on. In this article, we will explore the typical timing of Thanksgiving football games and answer some common questions related to this tradition.

The NFL, or National Football League, is primarily responsible for organizing the football games on Thanksgiving. The league has established a long-standing tradition of hosting three games on this day, featuring some of the most popular teams in the country.

The first game usually kicks off in the late morning or early afternoon, around 12:30 PM Eastern Time. This time slot is ideal for families who are just starting their Thanksgiving celebrations and allows them to watch the game while enjoying their meal preparations.

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The second game generally starts in the mid-afternoon, around 4:30 PM Eastern Time. This timing allows for a break between the first and second games, giving fans a chance to digest their meals and spend quality time with their loved ones.

The third and final game of the day typically begins in the evening, around 8:20 PM Eastern Time. This prime-time slot allows football enthusiasts to wind down their day watching an exciting match while enjoying dessert or leftovers from earlier in the day.

Now, let’s address some common questions related to Thanksgiving football games:

1. Will there be football games on Thanksgiving in 2021?
Yes, there will be football games on Thanksgiving in 2021, as it is a long-standing tradition.

2. How many football games are played on Thanksgiving?
There are typically three football games played on Thanksgiving.

3. Which teams will be playing on Thanksgiving this year?
The teams playing on Thanksgiving vary from year to year. The NFL announces the schedule closer to the date.

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4. Will the games be available to watch on TV?
Yes, the games will be broadcasted on various television networks.

5. Can I stream the games online?
Yes, you can stream the games online through various platforms or the official NFL website.

6. Are there any special halftime performances during the Thanksgiving games?
Yes, the halftime shows during the Thanksgiving games often feature special musical performances.

7. Can I attend the games in person?
Yes, you can attend the games in person, but tickets may be limited and subject to availability.

8. Are college football games also played on Thanksgiving?
Yes, college football games are also played on Thanksgiving, offering fans more options to enjoy the sport.

9. Are the Thanksgiving football games only played in the NFL?
No, college football games are also played on Thanksgiving, offering fans more options to enjoy the sport.

10. How long do the games usually last?
Football games typically last around three hours, including halftime.

11. Are there any special rules or traditions associated with Thanksgiving football games?
There are no specific rules or traditions unique to Thanksgiving football games, but the atmosphere and excitement of the day add to the overall experience.

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12. Are all the games played in the same city?
No, the games are usually played in different cities across the United States.

13. Can I bet on the Thanksgiving football games?
Yes, you can place bets on the Thanksgiving football games through various sportsbook platforms.

14. Is there a playoff implication for the teams playing on Thanksgiving?
The playoff implications depend on the team’s overall performance throughout the season. Some games may have significant playoff implications, while others may not.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving football games have become a cherished tradition for many Americans. The games are typically scheduled for the late morning, mid-afternoon, and evening, allowing fans to enjoy them throughout the day. Whether you prefer to watch from the comfort of your home or attend a game in person, Thanksgiving football offers an exciting and entertaining way to celebrate the holiday.

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