What to Watch After Shetland

What to Watch After Shetland

If you have recently finished binge-watching the gripping crime drama series Shetland and are looking for your next captivating TV show, we have got you covered. Below, we have compiled a list of shows that are similar in theme or genre to Shetland, ensuring that you will not be left wanting for more intense crime stories set against stunning backdrops.

1. Broadchurch – Set in a small coastal town, this British series follows two detectives as they investigate a heinous crime that shocks the community.

2. The Killing – A Danish crime series that delves into the investigations led Detective Sarah Lund, known for her unyielding determination to solve complex cases.

3. Hinterland – This Welsh noir detective drama follows DCI Tom Mathias as he solves homicides in the bleak and hauntingly beautiful landscapes of rural Wales.

4. Wallander – Based on the best-selling novels Henning Mankell, this Swedish crime series focuses on Detective Kurt Wallander as he solves various crimes in the picturesque town of Ystad.

5. True Detective – This critically acclaimed anthology series features different storylines and casts each season, exploring dark and complex crimes in Louisiana.

6. Luther – Idris Elba stars as the brilliant and troubled detective John Luther, who faces intense psychological challenges while solving crimes in contemporary London.

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7. The Fall – Set in Belfast, this psychological thriller follows Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson as she hunts down a serial killer, played Jamie Dornan.

8. Line of Duty – This gripping British series follows the work of AC-12, an anti-corruption unit within the police force, as they investigate corrupt officers.

9. Happy Valley – Sarah Lancashire stars as Catherine Cawood, a strong-willed police sergeant, in this gritty crime drama set in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire.

10. Dexter – This American crime drama centers around Dexter Morgan, a forensic blood spatter analyst who leads a secret life as a vigilante serial killer.

11. The Bridge – A Swedish-Danish co-production, this series follows two detectives from different countries as they work together to solve crimes that occur on the Øresund Bridge.

12. Midsomer Murders – Set in the picturesque English county of Midsomer, this long-running series features Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barna as he investigates murders in the seemingly idyllic villages.

13. The Wire – Widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time, this American crime drama delves into the complex web of crime and politics in Baltimore.

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14. Marcella – Anna Friel stars as Marcella Backland, a former detective who returns to the police force to solve a series of murders while battling her own personal demons.

Common Questions:

1. Are there more seasons of Shetland planned? – Yes, Shetland has been renewed for a sixth season.

2. Is Shetland based on a book series? – Yes, Shetland is based on the book series Ann Cleeves.

3. Where is Shetland filmed? – The show is primarily filmed in various locations in Scotland, including the Shetland Islands.

4. Is Shetland available on streaming platforms? – Yes, Shetland is available for streaming on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

5. Are there other crime dramas set in Scotland? – Yes, shows like Taggart and Rebus are set in Scotland and focus on crime investigations.

6. Is there a romantic subplot in Shetland? – While Shetland primarily focuses on crime investigations, there are subtle romantic storylines woven throughout the series.

7. Can Shetland be watched as a standalone series? – Yes, each season of Shetland features a self-contained storyline, allowing viewers to enjoy it without having seen previous seasons.

8. Is Shetland suitable for all ages? – Shetland is rated for mature audiences due to its intense and sometimes violent nature.

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9. Are there any other crime dramas set in beautiful landscapes? – Yes, shows like Broadchurch and Hinterland showcase stunning landscapes alongside gripping crime stories.

10. What makes Shetland unique compared to other crime dramas? – Shetland stands out for its distinctive setting, complex characters, and intricate plotlines.

11. Is Shetland more character-driven or plot-driven? – Shetland strikes a balance between character development and engaging plotlines.

12. How long are the episodes of Shetland? – Each episode of Shetland typically runs for approximately 60 minutes.

13. Can Shetland be compared to other Nordic noir crime series? – While Shetland shares similarities with Nordic noir, it has its own distinct style and atmosphere.

14. Is Shetland suitable for fans of psychological thrillers? – Yes, Shetland offers a blend of psychological suspense and thrilling crime investigations.

In conclusion, if you loved the atmospheric crime drama Shetland, there are numerous other shows that will keep you equally enthralled. Whether you prefer dark psychological thrillers, compelling detective stories, or captivating mysteries, these TV series are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for intense crime narratives.

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