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When Does Michigan Play Michigan State: Game Schedule, TV Channel, and Interesting Facts

The rivalry between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University is one of the most intense and historic in college football. Every year, fans eagerly await the showdown between these two powerhouse teams. If you’re wondering when Michigan plays Michigan State, what channel the game will be on, and want to learn some interesting facts about this rivalry, you’ve come to the right place.

Game Schedule:
The precise date and time of the Michigan vs. Michigan State game vary from year to year. As of writing this article, the 2021 game is scheduled for October 30th, with the kickoff time yet to be announced. However, it is important to note that schedules can change, so it is always a good idea to check the official websites of both teams for the most up-to-date information.

TV Channel:
The Michigan vs. Michigan State game is typically broadcast on one of the major sports networks, such as ESPN, ABC, or Fox Sports. However, the specific channel can change each year, so it is best to consult your local TV listings or the websites of the respective networks to find out the channel for the upcoming game. Additionally, some streaming platforms may offer live coverage of the game, allowing fans to watch it online.

5 Interesting Facts about the Michigan vs. Michigan State Rivalry:

1. The rivalry began in 1898: The first meeting between Michigan and Michigan State took place on October 12, 1898. Michigan emerged victorious with a 39-0 win. Since then, the two teams have faced each other annually, with only a few exceptions.

2. The Paul Bunyan Trophy: The winner of the Michigan vs. Michigan State game is awarded the Paul Bunyan Trophy. This massive trophy stands at four feet tall and weighs approximately 100 pounds. It has become an iconic symbol of the rivalry, representing bragging rights for the winning team.

3. The “Little Brother” comment: In 2007, Michigan’s starting quarterback, Mike Hart, famously referred to Michigan State as Michigan’s “little brother.” This comment sparked controversy and added fuel to the fire of the rivalry. Since then, the phrase has become a rallying cry for Michigan State fans.

4. Historical dominance: Michigan has historically had the upper hand in this rivalry. They hold the series lead with a significant win-loss record. However, recent years have seen Michigan State gain momentum, with both teams experiencing victories.

5. The “Miracle at Michigan”: In 2015, during the final seconds of the game, Michigan State’s Jalen Watts-Jackson scooped up a fumbled punt and ran it into the end zone, securing a dramatic victory over Michigan. This incredible play has since been dubbed the “Miracle at Michigan” and is regarded as one of the most memorable moments in the rivalry’s history.

Common Questions about the Michigan vs. Michigan State Rivalry:

1. Who leads the series between Michigan and Michigan State?
Michigan currently leads the series with the most victories.

2. How many times have Michigan and Michigan State played each other?
As of 2021, the two teams have played each other over 100 times.

3. Has Michigan State ever beaten Michigan in football?
Yes, Michigan State has had several victories over Michigan throughout the history of the rivalry.

4. What is the biggest victory margin in this rivalry?
The largest victory margin occurred in 1902 when Michigan defeated Michigan State with a score of 119-0.

5. Has this game ever gone into overtime?
Yes, the Michigan vs. Michigan State game has gone into overtime multiple times.

6. Who has won the most recent game between Michigan and Michigan State?
The winner of the most recent game can vary from year to year.

7. Where does the Michigan vs. Michigan State game take place?
The game alternates between being held at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor and Spartan Stadium in East Lansing.

8. Are there any traditions associated with this rivalry?
One tradition is the “Sparty Watch,” where students camp out near Spartan Stadium to secure their spot for the game.

9. Do the players receive any special recognition for this game?
The game’s MVP is awarded the Archie Griffin Award, named after the former Ohio State running back.

10. Are there any pre-game activities or events?
Tailgating is a popular pre-game activity for fans, and both universities host various events leading up to the game.

11. How do the coaches prepare their teams for this rivalry?
Coaches emphasize the importance of the game and its historical significance, instilling a sense of pride and determination in their players.

12. Does the outcome of this game affect the teams’ rankings?
The outcome of the Michigan vs. Michigan State game can have a significant impact on the teams’ rankings and overall season performance.

13. Are there any off-field traditions associated with this rivalry?
Charitable events and fundraisers often take place during the week leading up to the game, promoting goodwill and community involvement.

14. How do fans show support for their respective teams during this rivalry?
Fans wear their team’s colors, engage in spirited chants and cheers, and create a lively atmosphere both in the stadium and at home.

The rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State is steeped in tradition, history, and fierce competition. With a long-standing series, iconic moments, and passionate fan bases, this game is always highly anticipated. So mark your calendars, find the TV channel, and get ready to witness the intensity of the Michigan vs. Michigan State showdown.

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