When I Follow Someone on Instagram It Automatically Unfollow

When I Follow Someone on Instagram It Automatically Unfollows: Troubleshooting and Common Questions

Instagram is a widely popular social media platform that allows users to connect, share photos, and follow others. However, sometimes users encounter a frustrating issue where they follow someone on Instagram, only to find that they have automatically unfollowed them. This can be quite perplexing, but fear not, as we delve into troubleshooting this problem and answer some common questions associated with it.

1. Why does Instagram automatically unfollow people?
There are several reasons why this may happen, including Instagram’s algorithm, glitches in the app, or account security measures.

2. How can I prevent Instagram from automatically unfollowing people?
Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed solution, but you can try clearing your cache, reinstalling the app, or updating to the latest version to potentially resolve the issue.

3. Can a third-party app cause this problem?
Yes, some third-party apps can interfere with Instagram’s functionality, leading to automatic unfollows. It is recommended to avoid using such apps.

4. Are there any specific phone settings that can cause this?
Not necessarily, but it is advisable to check your phone’s settings to ensure there are no restrictions or permissions that might interfere with the Instagram app.

5. Can this issue be related to my internet connection?
Yes, an unstable or slow internet connection might disrupt the Instagram app’s functionality, resulting in automatic unfollows.

6. Is this a common problem?
While it may not affect every user, it is indeed a common issue reported by many Instagram users.

7. Does Instagram provide any official solution to this problem?
As of now, Instagram has not provided an official solution, but they continuously work on improving their app and addressing user concerns.

8. Can blocking or reporting an account lead to automatic unfollows?
No, blocking or reporting an account should not cause automatic unfollows. However, it is possible that the account you interacted with has taken actions that led to their removal from your following list.

9. Can using multiple devices cause automatic unfollows?
Using multiple devices should not directly cause this issue. However, it is recommended to ensure your Instagram account is properly linked and synced across all devices.

10. Are there any specific actions that trigger this problem?
The exact triggers for this problem are not known, as it can occur randomly. It is best to be aware of the issue and regularly check your following list.

11. Can changing my Instagram password fix this problem?
Changing your Instagram password might help in some cases, especially if your account has been compromised. However, it may not directly resolve the automatic unfollow issue.

12. Can logging out and back into my Instagram account solve this issue?
Logging out and then logging back into your Instagram account can sometimes refresh the app and potentially resolve the problem.

13. Can Instagram’s customer support assist with this issue?
While Instagram’s customer support might not provide a specific solution, it is always worth reaching out to them for assistance, as they may have further insights or suggestions.

14. Is there a way to retrieve the lost follows?
Unfortunately, once you have automatically unfollowed someone, it can be challenging to retrieve the lost follows. However, you can always re-follow the accounts affected by this issue.

In conclusion, the issue of automatically unfollowing someone on Instagram can be frustrating, but it is a common problem faced by users. While there is no guaranteed solution, it is advisable to try troubleshooting steps, keep your app updated, and ensure a stable internet connection. Remember to stay vigilant, regularly check your following list, and reach out to Instagram’s customer support if needed.

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