When Is the Little Couple on TV

When Is the Little Couple on TV?

The Little Couple is a heartwarming reality television series that follows the lives of Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, a married couple who both have skeletal dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. The show offers a unique glimpse into their personal and professional lives as they navigate the challenges and joys of marriage, careers, and raising their two adopted children. If you’re a fan of the show or interested in tuning in, here’s all you need to know about when and where to catch The Little Couple on TV.

1. What is The Little Couple about?
The Little Couple chronicles the lives of Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, two individuals with skeletal dysplasia, as they face the same everyday challenges and triumphs as any other couple.

2. When did The Little Couple first air?
The show premiered on May 26, 2009, and has since gained a dedicated fanbase.

3. What channel is The Little Couple on?
The Little Couple airs on TLC (The Learning Channel). Check your local listings for the specific channel number.

4. What day does The Little Couple air?
The show typically airs on Tuesdays, but it’s always a good idea to check your local listings for any changes in the schedule.

5. What time does The Little Couple air?
The airing time can vary, so it’s best to check your local listings to find the exact time in your area.

6. Is The Little Couple available for streaming?
Yes, The Little Couple is available for streaming on various platforms, including TLC’s official website and popular streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.

7. How long are the episodes?
Each episode of The Little Couple typically lasts for around 45 minutes, including commercial breaks.

8. How many seasons of The Little Couple are there?
As of 2021, The Little Couple has aired 15 seasons, with more episodes in the works.

9. Are the children of Bill and Jennifer biological?
No, both of their children, Will and Zoey, were adopted. The show explores their journey through the adoption process and highlights the joys and challenges of raising adopted children.

10. What other projects have Bill and Jennifer been involved in?
Bill and Jennifer have also written a book called “Life Is Short (No Pun Intended): Love, Laughter, and Learning to Enjoy Every Moment.” In addition, they have been active in raising awareness about dwarfism and advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities.

11. Will there be new episodes of The Little Couple?
Yes, TLC has renewed the show for another season, so fans can look forward to new episodes in the future.

12. Are there any spin-offs of The Little Couple?
As of now, there are no official spin-offs of The Little Couple. However, Bill and Jennifer have made guest appearances on other TLC shows, including Say Yes to the Dress.

The Little Couple is a heartwarming and inspiring show that offers viewers a unique perspective on life and love. With its relatable and endearing cast, it continues to captivate audiences across the world. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, keeping up with the airing schedule will ensure you don’t miss a single episode of this beloved show.

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