When To Draft Kicker In Fantasy Football

When To Draft Kicker In Fantasy Football: A Comprehensive Guide

Fantasy football enthusiasts know that drafting the right players is crucial for a successful season. While star quarterbacks and high-scoring running backs often take center stage, the importance of kickers in fantasy football should not be underestimated. In this article, we will dive into when to draft a kicker, provide six interesting facts, answer thirteen common questions, and conclude with final thoughts on this often overlooked position.

Six Interesting Facts about Kicker Drafting:

1. History of Kicker Scoring: In the early days of fantasy football, kickers were often the highest-scoring players due to the lack of focus on other positions. However, as leagues evolved, scoring rules have shifted to emphasize touchdowns and big plays, making kickers less dominant in fantasy scoring.

2. Kicker Consistency: While many positions in fantasy football can be unpredictable, kickers tend to provide a relatively consistent level of performance. This consistency can be valuable when considering draft strategy, as it allows managers to focus on other positions early on.

3. Late-Round Steals: Due to the abundance of talented kickers available, it is advisable to wait until the later rounds to draft one. The differences between the top kickers and those available in later rounds are often minimal, making it more prudent to prioritize other positions early on.

4. Weather Considerations: Weather conditions can significantly impact a kicker’s performance. Drafting kickers who play in indoor stadiums or in consistently favorable weather conditions can be advantageous, as it reduces the risk of poor performance due to adverse weather.

5. Bye Week Strategy: When deciding on when to draft a kicker, consider your team’s bye weeks. If your starting kicker has a bye week early in the season, it may make sense to draft a backup kicker earlier to ensure you have a reliable option during that week.

6. Streaming Strategy: An emerging trend in fantasy football is streaming kickers. This strategy involves selecting a new kicker each week based on favorable matchups and playing conditions. Streaming kickers can provide an edge in maximizing points, but it requires active management throughout the season.

Thirteen Common Questions and Answers:

1. When should I draft a kicker?
It is generally advisable to wait until the last few rounds of the draft to select a kicker. Prioritize other positions first, as the differences between top kickers and those available later are often minimal.

2. What factors should I consider when drafting a kicker?
Weather conditions, bye weeks, and home field advantage are all important factors to consider when drafting a kicker.

3. Should I draft a kicker from a high-scoring offense?
While it can be beneficial to have a kicker from a high-scoring offense, it is not the sole determinant of success. Consistency and favorable conditions are equally important.

4. Should I prioritize a kicker from an indoor stadium?
Kickers who play in indoor stadiums have the advantage of not being affected by weather conditions. However, prioritize other factors such as consistency and scoring potential over the stadium type.

5. Is streaming kickers a viable strategy?
Streaming kickers can be a successful strategy if managed actively throughout the season. It requires monitoring matchups, playing conditions, and making weekly adjustments.

6. Can I drop my kicker during the bye week and pick up another player?
Yes, dropping your kicker during their bye week to pick up another player is a common strategy. However, ensure that you have a reliable alternative for that week.

7. How should I handle a kicker on the injured reserve list?
If your drafted kicker is placed on the injured reserve list, it is advisable to drop them and pick up a healthy replacement. Kickers are relatively easy to find on the waiver wire.

8. Should I prioritize a rookie kicker?
Rookie kickers can be risky picks due to their lack of NFL experience. It is generally safer to select a seasoned kicker with a proven track record.

9. Are there any kickers who consistently outperform expectations?
While kicker performance can vary, some kickers consistently perform at a high level. Researching historical data and expert rankings can help identify these kickers.

10. How do I evaluate a kicker’s potential for the upcoming season?
Look at a team’s offensive capabilities, scoring potential, and the consistency of the kicker themselves. Preseason performance and training camp reports can also provide insights.

11. Should I draft a kicker or a backup player for my bench?
Prioritize drafting a backup player who has the potential to contribute to your team’s success. Kickers are replaceable, and quality backups are harder to find.

12. Can kickers contribute to my team’s overall point total significantly?
While kickers may not be the highest-scoring players, their contributions can make a difference in close matchups. Every point counts in fantasy football.

13. What is the biggest mistake to avoid when drafting a kicker?
The biggest mistake to avoid is drafting a kicker too early in the draft. Use the later rounds to select a kicker, ensuring you have a solid foundation of skilled players first.

Final Thoughts:

While kickers may not receive the same attention as star quarterbacks or standout running backs, their contributions are undeniably valuable in fantasy football. By understanding when to draft a kicker, considering important factors, and adopting strategies like streaming, savvy fantasy managers can maximize their team’s potential. Remember, the key is to prioritize other positions early, be mindful of weather conditions and bye weeks, and stay active throughout the season. So, don’t overlook the importance of kickers and make the right moves to elevate your fantasy football team to victory.

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