Where Can I Watch Reruns of Live PD

Where Can I Watch Reruns of Live PD?

Live PD is a highly popular reality TV show that follows law enforcement officers on their patrols in real-time. Due to its immense popularity, many viewers often wonder where they can watch reruns of Live PD. Fortunately, there are several options available to catch up on missed episodes or relive your favorite moments from the show.

1. A&E Website and App: The official A&E website and app offer full episodes of Live PD that you can stream for free. Simply visit their website or download the app to access the episodes.

2. Hulu: Hulu is another excellent platform to watch Live PD reruns. They have a vast library of episodes available for streaming, making it easy to catch up or rewatch your favorite moments.

3. YouTube TV: If you have a subscription to YouTube TV, it is likely that Live PD episodes are available on the platform. You can check their library and search for Live PD to find the reruns.

4. Philo: Philo is a streaming service that includes A&E in its channel lineup. This means that you can watch Live PD reruns through their platform.

5. Sling TV: Similar to Philo, Sling TV also offers A&E in their channel packages. By subscribing to Sling TV, you can access Live PD reruns and enjoy the show on-demand.

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6. DirecTV: If you have a DirecTV subscription, you can watch Live PD reruns through the A&E channel. Simply tune in when the show is scheduled to air or use the DVR feature to record and watch later.

7. FuboTV: FuboTV is a streaming service primarily focused on sports, but they also include A&E in their channel lineup. Check their on-demand library to find Live PD reruns.

8. AT&T TV: AT&T TV offers Live PD reruns through their A&E channel. You can either watch it live or use the on-demand feature to catch up on missed episodes.

9. Amazon Prime Video: While Live PD is not available for free with Amazon Prime, you can purchase individual episodes or seasons to watch at your convenience.

10. Google Play: Similar to Amazon Prime, Google Play allows you to purchase Live PD episodes or seasons to watch on various devices.

11. iTunes: Apple users can also access Live PD reruns by purchasing episodes or seasons on iTunes.

12. Vudu: Vudu is another digital platform where you can purchase Live PD episodes or seasons to stream on-demand.

13. A&E On-Demand: Some cable providers offer an on-demand service for A&E, allowing you to watch Live PD reruns through your cable subscription.

14. DVD Box Sets: If you prefer a physical copy, you can find DVD box sets of Live PD that contain multiple episodes or full seasons.

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Common Questions about Watching Reruns of Live PD:

1. Is Live PD available on Netflix?
No, Live PD is not available on Netflix.

2. Can I watch Live PD reruns for free?
Yes, you can watch Live PD reruns for free on the A&E website or app.

3. Are Live PD reruns available on cable?
Yes, Live PD reruns are often available on cable through the A&E channel.

4. Can I stream Live PD reruns on my smartphone?
Yes, you can stream Live PD reruns on your smartphone through the A&E app or other streaming services mentioned above.

5. Are Live PD reruns available internationally?
Availability may vary depending on your location and the streaming platforms available in your region.

6. Can I download Live PD episodes to watch offline?
This option may be available on certain streaming platforms, such as the A&E app or Amazon Prime Video.

7. How soon after airing can I watch Live PD reruns?
Episodes are typically available for streaming shortly after they air live.

8. Can I watch Live PD reruns on my smart TV?
Yes, Live PD reruns can be streamed on smart TVs using compatible streaming platforms or by accessing the A&E channel through your cable provider.

9. Are Live PD reruns edited or censored?
Some episodes may be edited for time or content, but the essence of the show remains intact.

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10. Can I watch Live PD reruns in chronological order?
Depending on the platform, you may be able to watch Live PD reruns in order by selecting specific episodes or seasons.

11. Are Live PD reruns available in HD?
Yes, Live PD reruns are available in HD on most streaming platforms.

12. Can I watch Live PD reruns on my gaming console?
Some streaming services, such as Hulu or YouTube TV, have dedicated apps for gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation.

13. Can I watch Live PD reruns with closed captions?
Yes, closed captions are typically available for Live PD reruns.

14. Can I fast forward or rewind Live PD reruns?
Yes, most streaming platforms allow you to control playback and skip or rewind specific parts of Live PD episodes.

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