Where Did Mark May Go To College

Where Did Mark May Go To College: Unraveling the Journey of a Legendary Sports Figure


Mark May is a name that resonates with sports enthusiasts, particularly those who follow American football. Known for his illustrious career as an offensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) and his expertise as a prominent analyst on ESPN, May has left an indelible mark on the world of sports. However, many fans are still curious about one aspect of his life – his college education. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating story of where Mark May went to college, along with interesting facts, common questions, and some final thoughts about this legendary sports figure.

Where Did Mark May Go To College?

Mark May attended the University of Pittsburgh, also known as Pitt, for his college education. His time at Pitt was nothing short of exceptional, and he played a pivotal role in the success of the university’s football program during his tenure.

Interesting Facts and Tricks

1. Stellar Collegiate Career: Mark May’s time at Pitt was filled with remarkable achievements, including being a unanimous All-American in 1980 and winning the Outland Trophy, which is awarded to the best interior lineman in college football.

2. College Football Hall of Fame: Due to his outstanding collegiate career, Mark May was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2005. This prestigious honor recognizes his significant contributions to the sport at the collegiate level.

3. Academic Excellence: While pursuing his football career at Pitt, May also excelled academically. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, showcasing his dedication to both his athletic and educational pursuits.

4. NFL Super Bowl Champion: After his successful college career, Mark May went on to have an impressive professional career in the NFL. He was a part of the Washington Redskins team that won Super Bowl XXII in 1988, solidifying his status as a champion both in college and at the professional level.

5. Broadcasting Career: Following his retirement from professional football, May seamlessly transitioned into a career as a sports analyst. His charismatic personality and in-depth knowledge of the game made him a natural fit for television, and he became a prominent figure on ESPN’s college football coverage.

Common Questions and Answers

1. What position did Mark May play in college?
Mark May played as an offensive tackle during his college career at the University of Pittsburgh.

2. Did Mark May win any awards in college?
Yes, Mark May won several prestigious awards during his college career, including being named a unanimous All-American in 1980 and winning the Outland Trophy.

3. How many years did Mark May play at the University of Pittsburgh?
Mark May played at the University of Pittsburgh for four years, from 1977 to 1980.

4. Did Mark May play in any college bowl games?
Yes, Mark May played in two major bowl games during his time at Pitt. He appeared in the 1977 Gator Bowl and the 1980 Fiesta Bowl.

5. What was Mark May’s role in the success of Pitt’s football program?
Mark May played a significant role in the success of Pitt’s football program during his college career. His exceptional skills and leadership abilities contributed to the team’s victories and national recognition.

6. Did Mark May pursue any postgraduate studies?
No, Mark May did not pursue any postgraduate studies after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in economics at the University of Pittsburgh.

7. What teams did Mark May play for in the NFL?
Mark May played for the Washington Redskins from 1981 to 1989 and then played one season for the San Diego Chargers in 1990 before retiring from professional football.

8. How many Super Bowl rings does Mark May have?
Mark May won one Super Bowl ring during his career with the Washington Redskins after winning Super Bowl XXII in 1988.

9. Did Mark May have any coaching experience after retiring from playing?
No, Mark May did not pursue a coaching career after retiring from playing. Instead, he transitioned into a successful broadcasting career.

10. How long has Mark May been an analyst on ESPN?
Mark May joined ESPN as a college football analyst in 2001 and has been a prominent figure on the network’s coverage for over two decades.

11. Has Mark May received any broadcasting awards?
While Mark May has not received any broadcasting awards, his expertise and analysis have earned him immense respect from fans, fellow analysts, and players alike.

12. Did Mark May ever consider a career in politics?
Yes, after retiring from professional football, Mark May briefly considered a career in politics. He ran for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 4th congressional district in 1996 but was unsuccessful.

13. Does Mark May still have ties to the University of Pittsburgh?
Yes, Mark May maintains strong ties to the University of Pittsburgh. He frequently returns to campus for alumni events and continues to support the university’s athletic programs.

14. What is Mark May’s current role on ESPN?
Mark May currently serves as a college football analyst on ESPN, providing expert commentary and analysis on various college football games and programs.

15. Has Mark May written any books about his experiences in football?
No, Mark May has not written any books about his experiences in football. However, he has shared his insights and experiences through his extensive work as a sports analyst.

Final Thoughts

Mark May’s journey from the University of Pittsburgh to becoming a legendary sports figure is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication. His exceptional collegiate career, professional success, and subsequent broadcasting career have solidified his place in sports history. As fans continue to appreciate his contributions to the game, Mark May’s legacy will undoubtedly endure, inspiring future generations of athletes and analysts alike.

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