Where Is the Texas Bowl Played

Where Is the Texas Bowl Played?

The Texas Bowl is an annual college football bowl game held in Houston, Texas. Since its inception in 2006, it has become one of the premier bowl games in the country, attracting top teams from the Big 12 and the Southeastern Conference (SEC), two of the most competitive conferences in college football. The game is played at NRG Stadium, a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venue located in the heart of Houston.

NRG Stadium, formerly known as Reliant Stadium, is a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor stadium that serves as the home stadium for the NFL’s Houston Texans. With a seating capacity of over 71,000, it provides an ideal setting for the Texas Bowl, accommodating the large number of fans that attend the game each year. The stadium’s retractable roof and natural grass field ensure optimal playing conditions, regardless of the weather.


1. When is the Texas Bowl usually played?
The Texas Bowl is traditionally played in late December, typically around the 27th or 28th of the month. However, the exact date may vary from year to year.

2. How are the teams selected for the Texas Bowl?
The Texas Bowl features teams from the Big 12 and the SEC, with selection based on the conference standings and agreements between the bowl game organizers and the conferences. The teams are typically announced in early December.

3. Is the Texas Bowl open to the public?
Yes, the Texas Bowl is open to the public, and fans are encouraged to attend the game and support their favorite teams. Tickets can be purchased through authorized vendors or directly from the Texas Bowl’s official website.

4. Can I tailgate before the Texas Bowl?
Yes, tailgating is a popular tradition before the Texas Bowl. NRG Stadium provides designated tailgating areas for fans to enjoy pre-game festivities, including grilling, games, and camaraderie with fellow football enthusiasts.

5. Are there any special events associated with the Texas Bowl?
In addition to the game itself, the Texas Bowl hosts various events and activities leading up to the big game. These include fan festivals, team pep rallies, and community outreach programs, providing a unique experience for fans and participants.

6. Can I bring food and drinks into NRG Stadium?
Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed inside NRG Stadium during the Texas Bowl. However, the stadium offers a wide variety of concessions for fans to enjoy throughout the game.

7. Is parking available at NRG Stadium?
Yes, NRG Stadium has ample parking spaces available for fans attending the Texas Bowl. The stadium offers both on-site parking and nearby off-site parking with shuttle services to and from the venue.

8. Can I bring my camera to the Texas Bowl?
While policies may vary from year to year, cameras are typically allowed inside NRG Stadium for the Texas Bowl. However, professional-grade cameras and equipment may be restricted.

9. Is the Texas Bowl televised?
Yes, the Texas Bowl is televised nationally, allowing fans from all over the country to watch the game live. The broadcast information is usually announced closer to the date of the game, so be sure to check local listings or the Texas Bowl’s official website for more details.

In conclusion, the Texas Bowl is a highly anticipated college football bowl game played annually in Houston, Texas. Held at NRG Stadium, it offers top teams from the Big 12 and the SEC a chance to showcase their skills in a state-of-the-art venue. With various events and activities leading up to the game, the Texas Bowl provides a memorable experience for both fans and participants. So mark your calendars and get ready to witness the excitement of the Texas Bowl each December!

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