Where to Watch Ishuzoku Reviewers

Where to Watch Ishuzoku Reviewers: A Controversial Anime That Pushes Boundaries

Ishuzoku Reviewers, also known as Interspecies Reviewers, is an anime series that has garnered significant attention and controversy since its release in January 2020. The show follows a group of adventurers who explore various brothels in a fantasy world and then review their experiences with different species. If you’re curious about where to watch this provocative series, as well as some unique facts about it, keep reading!

Where to Watch Ishuzoku Reviewers?

Ishuzoku Reviewers is available for streaming on various platforms, depending on your location. Here are some popular options:

1. Funimation: Funimation is a leading streaming platform for anime, and they have the streaming rights for Ishuzoku Reviewers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

2. Wakanim: If you’re in France, Germany, Russia, or Scandinavia, you can watch Ishuzoku Reviewers on Wakanim.

3. AnimeLab: Australian and New Zealand viewers can access the series on AnimeLab.

5 Unique Facts about Ishuzoku Reviewers:

1. Controversial Reception: Ishuzoku Reviewers has sparked extensive controversy due to its explicit content and adult themes. Several streaming platforms, including Funimation, dropped the series after airing a few episodes due to its explicit nature.

2. Adapted from Manga: The anime is an adaptation of a manga series written by Amahara. The manga, which started serialization in 2016, gained a small but dedicated following before the anime adaptation brought it into the spotlight.

3. Collaboration of Studios: The anime is a collaboration between two studios, Passione and Studio Puyukai. Passione is known for its work on Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers and High School DxD Hero, while Studio Puyukai is a lesser-known studio.

4. Multiple Directors: Ishuzoku Reviewers had three directors working on different episodes: Yuki Ogawa, Kazuki Hirami, and Makoto Uno. This approach gave each episode a unique touch while maintaining the overall consistency of the series.

5. Manga Cancellation: Due to the controversy surrounding the anime, the manga was canceled in February 2020. While it had a dedicated fan base, the explicit content and negative publicity ultimately led to its discontinuation.

14 Common Questions about Ishuzoku Reviewers:

1. What genre does Ishuzoku Reviewers fall into?
Ishuzoku Reviewers is primarily classified as an ecchi comedy, with elements of fantasy and adventure.

2. Is Ishuzoku Reviewers suitable for children?
No, the series contains explicit sexual content and is intended for mature audiences only.

3. What is the plot of Ishuzoku Reviewers?
The show follows a group of adventurers who visit various brothels in a fantasy world, reviewing their experiences with different species.

4. Why was Ishuzoku Reviewers dropped by some streaming platforms?
The explicit nature of the series led to its removal from certain platforms, as it did not align with their content policies.

5. Does the series have an English dub?
No, Ishuzoku Reviewers has not been dubbed in English. It is currently only available with English subtitles.

6. How many episodes are there in Ishuzoku Reviewers?
The anime consists of 12 episodes, each approximately 23 minutes long.

7. Are there any plans for a second season?
As of now, there are no official announcements regarding a second season.

8. Can I watch Ishuzoku Reviewers for free?
Some streaming platforms offer a free trial period, during which you can watch Ishuzoku Reviewers. However, to access the entire series, a subscription may be required.

9. Is the anime censored or uncensored?
The uncensored version of Ishuzoku Reviewers is available on certain streaming platforms. However, due to its explicit content, it may not be accessible in all regions.

10. Is Ishuzoku Reviewers available on Blu-ray or DVD?
Yes, the series has been released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan.

11. Are there any plans for an international Blu-ray or DVD release?
There have been no official announcements regarding an international release of Ishuzoku Reviewers on Blu-ray or DVD.

12. Can I read the manga after watching the anime?
Yes, the manga series that the anime is based on can be read to further explore the story.

13. Is Ishuzoku Reviewers a harem anime?
While the show does involve interactions with multiple characters, it doesn’t strictly fall under the harem genre.

14. What other anime series are similar to Ishuzoku Reviewers?
Some anime series with similar themes and adult humor include Monster Musume, Keijo!!!!!!!!, and Prison School.

In conclusion, Ishuzoku Reviewers is an anime series that has sparked controversy due to its explicit content. You can watch the series on platforms like Funimation, Wakanim, and AnimeLab, depending on your location. Keep in mind that Ishuzoku Reviewers is intended for mature audiences only.

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