Who Is Muzan’s Favorite Lower Moon

Title: Who Is Muzan’s Favorite Lower Moon: Unveiling the Chosen One


Within the dark and treacherous world of Demon Slayer, Muzan Kibutsuji stands as the ultimate antagonist, commanding a formidable group of demons known as the Twelve Kizuki. The Lower Moons, the initial six members of the Kizuki, hold a crucial position in Muzan’s hierarchy, each possessing unique powers and abilities. However, there is one among them who holds a special place in Muzan’s heart as his favorite. In this article, we delve into the identity of Muzan’s favorite Lower Moon and unravel five unique facts about this notorious demon.

Who Is Muzan’s Favorite Lower Moon?

The favorite Lower Moon of Muzan Kibutsuji is none other than Enmu, the Lower Moon One. Enmu is an insidious and manipulative demon, known for his ability to induce sleep and manipulate dreams. Muzan’s fondness for Enmu can be attributed to his unwavering loyalty and exceptional skills in carrying out Muzan’s orders.

Unique Facts about Enmu:

1. Dream Manipulation: Enmu possesses the unique ability to manipulate dreams, enabling him to create vivid illusions and control the thoughts and actions of his victims while they sleep. This power makes him a formidable adversary, as he can trap his opponents within their own nightmares, rendering them helpless.

2. Blood Demon Art – Enmu’s Blood Style: Enmu’s Blood Demon Art allows him to transform his body into a liquid state, making it virtually impossible to kill him through physical means. This ability grants him an extraordinary advantage in combat and enhances his chances of fulfilling Muzan’s desires.

3. Ingenious Strategy: Enmu’s intelligence and strategic thinking set him apart from other Lower Moons. He demonstrates a knack for meticulous planning, utilizing his dream manipulation powers to deceive and confuse his enemies, making him an invaluable asset to Muzan’s plans.

4. Emotional Attachment to Muzan: Enmu’s devotion to Muzan goes beyond mere loyalty. He harbors a deep emotional attachment and admiration for the Demon King, striving to fulfill his every wish and protect him at all costs. This unwavering dedication has earned him Muzan’s favoritism.

5. Tragic Origins: Like many demons in the series, Enmu has a tragic backstory. Before becoming a demon, Enmu was a human suffering from a severe sleep disorder. His transformation into a Lower Moon enabled him to find solace in his newfound abilities, but it came at the cost of his humanity.

Common Questions about Muzan’s Favorite Lower Moon:

1. Why did Muzan choose Enmu as his favorite Lower Moon?
Muzan values Enmu’s unwavering loyalty, exceptional abilities, and strategic thinking, which make him an invaluable asset.

2. Can Enmu manipulate the dreams of multiple people simultaneously?
Yes, Enmu can manipulate the dreams of multiple people at the same time, showcasing his immense power and control.

3. What are the weaknesses of Enmu’s dream manipulation ability?
Enmu’s dream manipulation is most effective when his victims are asleep. When awake, they can resist his influence to a certain extent.

4. Has Enmu ever faced any challenges from other Lower Moons?
Yes, Enmu has faced challenges from other Lower Moons due to his position as Muzan’s favorite. However, his cunning nature has allowed him to overcome these obstacles.

5. Is Enmu’s Blood Demon Art impervious to all physical attacks?
Enmu’s liquid form provides him with an enhanced defense against most physical attacks, making him difficult to kill. However, certain specialized techniques can still harm him.

6. How does Enmu’s emotional attachment to Muzan affect his actions?
Enmu’s emotional attachment to Muzan fuels his motivation to carry out his orders with utmost dedication and prioritize Muzan’s well-being above all else.

7. Can Enmu enter the dreams of other demons?
Enmu’s dream manipulation abilities primarily affect humans. However, it is possible that he can manipulate the dreams of weaker demons as well.

8. How does Enmu’s tragic backstory influence his character?
Enmu’s tragic past serves to emphasize his desire for power, control, and escape from the limitations he faced as a human.

9. Has Enmu ever betrayed Muzan?
No, Enmu has never betrayed Muzan. His unwavering loyalty and dedication to the Demon King remain steadfast throughout the series.

10. How does Enmu’s favored status affect his relationship with other Lower Moons?
Enmu’s favored status often generates jealousy and resentment among the other Lower Moons, leading to tense dynamics within the group.

11. What role does Enmu play in Muzan’s overall plan?
Enmu serves as Muzan’s right-hand demon and plays a crucial role in executing Muzan’s plans, manipulating dreams to gather information and eliminate threats.

12. Is Enmu aware of Muzan’s weaknesses?
Enmu is privy to some of Muzan’s weaknesses but remains fiercely loyal and protective of him, ensuring that this knowledge remains hidden from potential adversaries.

13. What are Enmu’s aspirations within the Demon Slayer world?
Enmu’s sole aspiration is to fulfill Muzan’s desires and protect his position as Muzan’s favorite Lower Moon, seeking recognition and validation from his master.

14. How does Enmu’s relationship with Muzan develop throughout the series?
Enmu’s relationship with Muzan remains consistent, with Enmu continually striving to prove his loyalty and worth to Muzan, solidifying his position as the favorite Lower Moon.


Enmu, the Lower Moon One, holds a special place in Muzan’s heart as his favorite Lower Moon due to his unwavering loyalty, exceptional powers, and strategic thinking. With his ability to manipulate dreams and his cunning nature, Enmu remains a formidable adversary within the Demon Slayer universe. As the series unfolds, the dynamics between Muzan, Enmu, and the other Lower Moons continue to shape the fate of the Demon Slayer corps in their ongoing battle against the forces of darkness.

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