Why Does Iron Maiden Play Doctor Doctor

Why Does Iron Maiden Play “Doctor Doctor”?

Iron Maiden, the legendary British heavy metal band known for their electrifying live performances, has been including the song “Doctor Doctor” in their setlists for years. Originally written and performed by the German rock band UFO, “Doctor Doctor” has become a staple in Iron Maiden’s live shows, leaving fans wondering why they continue to play this particular song. Let’s explore the reasons behind Iron Maiden’s choice and delve into the significance it holds for both the band and their fans.

1. What is the origin of “Doctor Doctor”?
“Doctor Doctor” was released in 1974 by the rock band UFO. It became one of their most popular songs and remains a classic in the rock genre.

2. When did Iron Maiden start playing “Doctor Doctor”?
Iron Maiden first started playing “Doctor Doctor” during their “Piece of Mind” tour in 1983. Since then, it has been a regular part of their live performances.

3. Why did Iron Maiden choose to cover this song?
Iron Maiden has always been influenced by classic rock and other heavy metal bands. “Doctor Doctor” resonated with them, and they felt it would be a great addition to their live shows.

4. Does Iron Maiden put their own twist on the song?
Yes, Iron Maiden adds their signature energy and style to “Doctor Doctor.” They often extend the song with guitar solos and create a more intense atmosphere during their live performances.

5. What is the audience’s reaction when Iron Maiden plays “Doctor Doctor”?
Fans go wild when they hear the opening chords of “Doctor Doctor.” It has become a fan-favorite, and the crowd sings along enthusiastically, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

6. Is there any deeper meaning behind Iron Maiden performing this song?
While the song itself does not hold any significant meaning specific to Iron Maiden, it is a testament to their appreciation and respect for the rock genre. It showcases their ability to pay homage to their musical influences.

7. Have other bands covered “Doctor Doctor”?
Yes, “Doctor Doctor” has been covered by various bands over the years. Some notable covers include those by Great White, W.A.S.P., and Queensrÿche.

8. Are there any other cover songs that Iron Maiden regularly performs?
In addition to “Doctor Doctor,” Iron Maiden also frequently covers “Women in Uniform” by Skyhooks and “I’ve Got the Fire” by Montrose during their live shows.

9. Will Iron Maiden ever release a studio version of “Doctor Doctor”?
As of now, Iron Maiden has not released an official studio version of “Doctor Doctor.” It remains a song they reserve for their live performances, making it even more special for their fans.


1. How often does Iron Maiden play “Doctor Doctor” during their concerts?
Iron Maiden typically includes “Doctor Doctor” in their setlist, often as an encore, during most of their concerts.

2. Are there any plans for Iron Maiden to stop playing “Doctor Doctor”?
There have been no indications that Iron Maiden plans to stop playing “Doctor Doctor” anytime soon. It has become a fan-favorite and a staple of their live shows.

3. Do other members of Iron Maiden share lead singer Bruce Dickinson’s enthusiasm for “Doctor Doctor”?
Yes, all members of Iron Maiden embrace “Doctor Doctor” and enjoy performing it live. It has become a collective favorite among the band members.

4. Has “Doctor Doctor” ever been performed live by Iron Maiden with the original members of UFO?
There have been occasions where Iron Maiden has performed “Doctor Doctor” live together with members of UFO. These collaborations have been memorable moments for both the bands and their fans.

5. How long is Iron Maiden’s version of “Doctor Doctor” compared to the original?
While the original version of “Doctor Doctor” by UFO is around four minutes long, Iron Maiden’s live performances of the song often extend to around seven to ten minutes, allowing for additional instrumental solos and audience interaction.

6. Do Iron Maiden fans expect to hear “Doctor Doctor” at every concert?
While “Doctor Doctor” has become a fan-favorite, Iron Maiden fans appreciate the band’s ability to surprise them with their setlists. Although fans hope to hear it, they understand that the band may choose to play other songs instead.

7. Has Iron Maiden ever performed “Doctor Doctor” with UFO’s lead vocalist, Phil Mogg?
There have been instances where Iron Maiden has performed “Doctor Doctor” alongside Phil Mogg, UFO’s lead vocalist. These collaborations have been highly memorable for both bands and their fans.

8. Are there any live recordings of Iron Maiden’s rendition of “Doctor Doctor” available?
Yes, several live recordings of Iron Maiden performing “Doctor Doctor” can be found on various bootleg recordings and online platforms.

9. Has Iron Maiden ever mentioned why they enjoy playing “Doctor Doctor”?
While Iron Maiden has not explicitly mentioned why they enjoy playing “Doctor Doctor,” their passion for the song is evident in their live performances. The song’s energy and crowd reaction undoubtedly contribute to their enjoyment of playing it.

In conclusion, Iron Maiden continues to include “Doctor Doctor” in their live shows due to its popularity among fans and their deep appreciation for classic rock music. The song has become an integral part of their setlist, igniting the crowd and showcasing their musical influences. Iron Maiden’s electrifying performances of “Doctor Doctor” are a testament to their enduring legacy as one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time.

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