Why Is There So Much Incest in Game of Thrones

Title: Why Is There So Much Incest in Game of Thrones?


Game of Thrones, the widely popular television series based on George R.R. Martin’s book series, has garnered a reputation for pushing boundaries and exploring controversial themes. Among these themes, one that particularly stands out is incestuous relationships. While this topic may seem shocking and uncomfortable to many viewers, it serves a significant purpose within the narrative. This article aims to explore the reasons behind the prevalence of incestuous relationships in Game of Thrones and shed light on the complex dynamics surrounding this controversial aspect of the show.

Understanding the Context:

1. Historical Inspiration: Game of Thrones draws inspiration from medieval history, where royal families often intermarried to strengthen alliances and maintain bloodline purity. Incestuous relationships were not uncommon among the nobility, making them a part of the show’s realistic portrayal of power struggles and political maneuvering.

2. Targaryen Legacy: A central storyline in Game of Thrones revolves around the Targaryen family, who have a long history of incestuous relationships to preserve their dragon-riding abilities and maintain their bloodline. This ancient Valyrian practice, known as “keeping the blood pure,” is crucial to the Targaryen lore and their claim to the Iron Throne.

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3. Shattering Taboos: Game of Thrones has consistently pushed boundaries and challenged societal norms. By portraying incestuous relationships, the show’s creators aim to provoke discussion and challenge the audience’s preconceived notions about morality and human relationships.

Exploring Character Motivations:

1. Power Dynamics: In Game of Thrones, incestuous relationships often serve as a means to consolidate power and maintain control within noble families. Marrying within the family ensures that wealth, titles, and influence remain within the bloodline, strengthening their claim to power.

2. Emotional Complexity: The show delves into the psychological impact of incestuous relationships, exploring the intricate web of emotions between characters involved. From Jaime and Cersei Lannister’s forbidden love to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s unexpected union, these relationships offer a rich ground for exploring complex human emotions.

3. Narrative Shock Value: Game of Thrones thrives on unexpected plot twists and shocking moments, and incestuous relationships are no exception. These storylines serve to keep viewers engaged and guessing, enhancing the unpredictable nature of the show.

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Q1. Is Game of Thrones promoting incest?

No, Game of Thrones does not promote or endorse incest. It instead utilizes incestuous relationships as a narrative tool to explore power dynamics, character growth, and provoke discussions about societal taboos.

Q2. Are incestuous relationships historically accurate?

While incestuous relationships did occur in history, they were not as widespread as portrayed in Game of Thrones. The show takes creative liberties and exaggerates the prevalence of incest to enhance its dramatic and narrative impact.

Q3. Does Game of Thrones romanticize incest?

While Game of Thrones portrays incestuous relationships in a complex and multi-dimensional manner, it does not romanticize them universally. Some relationships are depicted as toxic and destructive, while others explore the emotional complexities and challenges faced by the characters involved.


The prevalence of incestuous relationships in Game of Thrones may initially shock viewers, but it serves a crucial purpose within the show’s narrative framework. By exploring historical inspirations, character motivations, and societal taboos, the series delves into the complex dynamics surrounding these relationships. While it is essential to acknowledge that Game of Thrones is a work of fiction, it skillfully utilizes incestuous storylines to provoke discussions and challenge societal norms, ultimately contributing to its enduring popularity and cultural impact.

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